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I dont know....I think you can actually hold both citizenships at once...but for some reason he renounced it.
There are some white men who are well endowed too. Still fewer Mexicans. And a well endowed Asian is about as common as a unicorn.
I'm out of here. Got as lot to do this afternoon. Unlike you losers, who have nothing better to do than rant and rave and complain, I am actually trying to better myself and build my career.
You people just keep the propaganda churning...unaware (becase you are in a bubble save for reading my posts) that your "facts" have been disproven publicly. 1. the Australia murder rate going up after gun ban for instance....Piers Morgan proved this was false 2. the UK having a much higher murder rate after gun bans there....again provably untrue
I said last 30 yrs...1983 to now.
I would get an A if I took the course anonymously
Iraq (twice) Afghanistan Panama grenada The British war with Argentina was 31 yrs ago so I didnt include it. Neither the Russian invasion of Afghanistan which was 34 years
georgia and dageatan are provinces of Russia you dimwit
Did Bush or anybody else actually talk honestly to the American peopl? Of corse not,.
Its not activism or theory or politics for me. Its the safety and welfare of 2 young boys who deserve better than to be put into a dangerous situation like that. I wont stop until they ARE safe.
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