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America Nears El Tipping Pointo

MyBestEffort Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 8:30 AM
I live in Roswell GA. My neighbors, a Mexican family..2 boys 1 girl. The parents divorced, the girl got pregnant as a Jr, in HS, the son got his girlfriend pregnant. The mother does not (after living next door for 10 years) speak English. Nobody stayed in school. I have hired a really nice Cuban legal immigrant to clean my house. She is married & has a 17 year old daughter. He works at the Wine Store. I speak to her through google translate. Her daughter is pregnant, the father is 20 something.I drive to Canton GA once a week, lots of men waiting for day work, long lines of women with strollers lined up for hand outs from a truck that I have not investigated the who or what. Unfortunately education is not a priority. So sad.
Svobodnik Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 5:33 AM
Stories like yours are important. We are told how "wonderful" immigrants are - and then we see things like this in our communities - people crippling their own lives through bad morals. It's time to become mean and judgemental, since the bar has obviously been lowered in our country by liberal twits.

I apologize to America's young people, whose dashed dreams and dim employment prospects I had laughed at, believing these to be a direct result of their voting for Obama.

On closer examination, it turns out that young voters, aged 18-29, overwhelmingly supported Romney. But only the white ones.

According to Pew Research, 54 percent of white voters under 30 voted for Romney and only 41 percent for Obama. That's the same percentage Reagan got from the entire white population in 1980. Even the Lena Dunham demographic -- white women under 30 -- slightly favored Romney.

Reagan got...