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Separation of Church and State: Misinformation and Hypocrisy

My2CentsWorth Wrote: May 18, 2012 2:32 PM
Boy Robert there's that shell fish thing again. I suggest you get your head out of the old testiment and start reading the new testiment you would be surprised at how wrong you are. As for your statement "Without separation of church and state, any nation is doomed to become a theocracy " When did England become a theocracy?
Dean197 Wrote: May 19, 2012 10:31 AM
Yes, it should say 'without separation of church and state, any nation is doomed to become majority atheist'. Do you think it's a coincidence the USA is the most religious developed nation? Here all religions and atheists have to compete with each other in the marketplace of ideas with no one having any special standing in the eyes of the government. It seems to have worked out pretty well.

No sooner had I expressed my differences with the president’s announcement supporting same-sex “marriage” than a young man named Collin posted on my Facebook page, “You have to leave your stupid religious dogma behind when talking about state and national issues. You are basing your objection to homosexual marriage on the Bible which would be violating the American principle of separation of church and state.”

Not only is this the opposite of what our Founding Fathers intended, but it is also completely hypocritical, since Collin voiced no objection to the president pointing to his religious beliefs in support of same-sex “marriage.”