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That's what I deal with as a mom! I call them back and back and back until the task is done properly. At work, I refuse. I vote them off the island.
O has armed both sides with the best in high-tech weaponry and now wants to send our kids in between them? No. Work with Voice of the Martyrs to get the Christians, Jews, and tiny groups out. Then stay out.
Maybe the principal should go all out and say that only the biological children of homosexual couples can attend her school.
Aspirin wouldn't make the cut at the FDA if it were discovered now.
Because THEY want to be in charge of access.
All of the early intelligence that Bush had came from Clinton.
He has to have someone else to blame, after all.
The law already requires (and has for some time now) that every who shows up in an ER gets treatment. The hospitals treat them knowing that they will never collect anything.
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Obamacare More or Less

mwilson Wrote: Sep 08, 2014 1:43 PM
Every time Congress meddled in health care, they forced that change onto doctors and hospitals, forcing more and more out of business. The only way to undo it, is to get the Fed out of health care.
It would be nice to hear, "I've told our military to do what they do best, as quickly and efficiently as possible. I'm not going to tell you or anyone else any particulars because I don't want our kids to be ambushed."
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