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The Golden Globes of Propaganda

mwilson Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 11:01 AM
And they actually wonder why the number of viewers has dropped off dramatically.
France led the war against islam the first time. I hope France can keep itself strong enough to do so again.
The only foods that get labels are the ones that are so low in nutrition that they aren't foods. Therefore--anything with a label is not a food and should not be consumed.
He does no damage when on the golf course. Please don't stop him from going!
The heart attack was caused by belly fat compressing his lungs which made it difficult to breathe which strained the heart. It has a name: Pickwickian Syndrome.
That's funny! No, my choices were 1. do nothing and then have to deal with someone who is permanently incapacitated or 2. take discreet action. I chose the second. I refuse to nag, but there is more than one way to get jobs done. This is a 10 1/2 pound terrier mix who has energy to burn. If she's not thoroughly tired out during the day, she is up most of the night. Yeah. He's been getting outside with her and moving.
In case you were wondering, they were failed at that point.
Very few firefighters of any sex would be able to get my morbidly obese husband out of a fire. People his size are what they are going to be seeing more of, too. (I got him a 1yo puppy for Christmas and gave it to him a month ago. That busy little dog has already gotten about 20 pounds off him.)
Our city tried that last round of testing 3 years ago. They moved the agility exam to the end of the academy instead of making be part of the pre-hire testing to give them extra time to mentor women and minorities. It was a failure. Those who hadn't bothered getting in shape before academy didn't bother to get in shape during academy. We're going back to pre-hire agility exam next time we test.
Ask any little boy to do that and he'll clench his fists and make muscles. It's just what they do.
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