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Democrats: Out of Touch with America on Abortion

mwashburn Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 1:46 PM
You sound like my sister, she's a liberal democrat and thinks she knows what's best for everyone too. I tind it totally ironic and more than a bit hyppocrtical that you call yourself much smarter and think much more deeply about the issues and then decide that you have the correct plan or action or answer for everyone.

Does America know how radical Obama really is on abortion?


From Townhall Magazine's November feature, "Democrats: Out of Touch with America on Abortion" by Katie Pavlich:

Standing in downtown Charlotte, N.C., during the 2012 Democratic National Convention in September, Planned Parenthood volunteers yelled on street corners about how to protect women’s rights. Their hot pink t-shirts read “I’m Voting for Barack Obama” on the back and “2012” on the front—with a birth-control wheel in place of the zero.

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