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The Beginning of the Beginning of the Immigration Debate

mvincent Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 9:02 AM
I believe that this immigration plan is part of a larger plan by obama to overwhelm our country and then totally take over. Look up on Google the "Cloward-Piven Stragedy, which came out of Columbia University during the time obama was there. Sounds like what he is doing.

The end of the first week of the debate over immigration reform proved that it is the roller derby of public policy debates for Republicans and Democrats alike.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter was the first to provide a face plant and skid over the rails. The blowback directed at Vitter for mocking Marco Rubio was intense, and the penalty box includes a copy of An American Son for reading. “Naïve” about immigration doesn’t work well with the son of immigrants.

More seriously, Senator Schumer may have declared immigration reform over before it began...