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Bill Maher: Immigration Reform Will Only Create More Democrats, You Know

mvaughan Wrote: Jun 10, 2013 11:21 AM
When people start understanding that compared to any other country, the U.S. looks like a vacationland for those who come here with nothing; no money, no education, no skills....just "free stuff". We need to end the "free stuff" and we won't be so attractive any longer. And how we begin the end to this is NOT to give amnesty; giving amnesty is basically condoning law-breaking. Sadly, our screwed up government has repeatedly given amnesty in the past because they dropped the ball by not doing their job when it came to immigration. Now, the buck has to stop here because I do believe this time more so than ever, they are pushing amnesty for voting numbers. It will be an ugly mess to clean up, but the law needs to be followed. I would even agree to adjust the immigration law slightly to speed up the process, but these people need to be documented and go through the process. Period. The tax-paying Americans are required to follow the law the fullest and immigrants should be expected to do what the law requires as well.

This week the Senate is expected to make a big push for illegal immigration reform through the Gang of 8 bill and Democrats everywhere can hardly contain how excited they are. But on his show over the weekend, Bill Maher expressed frustration with Republicans for being against amnesty.

BILL MAHER, HBO'S "REAL TIME" HOST: I think they don't want the votes because you know what? They know if they're going to take 11 million people and make them citizens and allow them to vote, they're just creating more Democrats.

Latinos who are mostly young -- young trumps it...

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