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Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town

Musicman3 Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 12:31 PM
Thanks Doc., that was very life lifting. I work as Assistance General Manager at a International Hotel Chain. I work with and talk to many of our elderly people. They can be brothersome but more than than they can be very funny to listen to when that tell their childhood memories, and some of the things that they did, and how they use to get around before the moble telephone and internet. I just love listening to them and not because I have too because I want too.

One afternoon I stopped by the bank to make a few deposits. I was in a rush and needed to get in and out as soon as possible. I had places to go and things I had to do. I picked the worst possible time of day and the worst day of the week to do my banking. But I had been out of town and needed to catch up on errands before the weekend began.

There was only one teller working and the line was about fifteen people deep. After waiting patiently, I got close to the front of...

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