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The American Flag: 'A Threat'?

Musicman3 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 10:13 AM
My father served in WWII, and Korea, I have had brothers who have served in Nam, like myself. I have also served in the first Gulf War. I have earned the right to display the symbol of my country and do so proudly. So when some individual comes and tells me that I cannot display my flag because of this or that, what they will hear next is the cocking of my plump shotgun to defend it again. Enough said.
I'll drink to that, a blogger after my heart, my feeling excelly!
I agree! They want cost effectives, then they get ONE (1) appeal and it has to be submitted to the courts within six months of the sentence or the sentence will be carried out within fifteen (15) days after the six months. WAITING 30 FING YEARS ON DEATH ROLL COSTING TAX PAYERS MONEY IN BOTH HOUSING, FOOD, AND MEDICAL. This ahole should have been dead 29 and half years ago.
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A Dog Whistle to the Left

Musicman3 Wrote: May 15, 2014 5:14 AM
I agree with you judge! Every time this administration opens it's mouth another lie comes out. They even lie about lying. A lot of the Republicans are the same, it is to a point now one cannot believe what anyone in DC is saying to be the truth.
Speaking of knives, are knives also considered to be weapons? If so then why are they used in the kitchen for cutting meats and veggies and butter knives (plastic or otherwise) used by the students in the dining areas? They are not banning all weapons from the campus just those that they do not want.
I am serious, How can one find it offensive to believe in something you cannot see, but can feel? It is like the cannot see it but can feel it...but where did it come from. Yes! The spinning of the Earth. What causes the Earth to spin? Yes...the making of the Solar System. And where did the Solar System come to be? The results of the big bang. Were you there? Better yet was there any Scientist there? Then how do you know that was the way it happen? That is what scientists have leaned by studying the stars and other things. Now here is the Sixty Four Thousand Dollar Question (inflation). Has any one of those events ever been repeated in the lab. If not then why are you believing them, or are you taking their answer on faith. But taking something on faith a form of religion is it not? So again my question why would someone believing in a superior being be offensive?
The company itself is private, but the land that it sits on is public controlled by BLM.
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Race and Freedom

Musicman3 Wrote: May 04, 2014 9:29 AM
When I was in the military,in the 70's and 80's, when an individual made a comment about the other races, mainly black, we were required by direct order from our superior officers to attend a race relation class. When I was so ordered to do so at one time I asked about my First Amendment right of free speech, and was told because I was in the military free speech was no longer aloud, we were just to follow orders. I said, "OK! I'll make it easy on everyone, I hate them everyone equally!" it does not show that I'm hate blacks, whites, yellow, red, or even pink. I never did go to class, and retired after 20 years of services. But today I am telling everyone to stay away from the military if they are Christians, because Christians have no rights in the military any more.
Yes it does. Those who are unfortunate enough not to have a state issued ID that they paid for, then the state will issued them one at no cost. So how are they disproportion?
There is only one drawback to your statement...These so called "militant atheists" are not atheists at all there are believers who are trying to keep the religion out of the government. They are the same people who are pushing the DOD to band the Bible in the military work place like not allowing them to have it on their desk or even in it. They do not want it read during any type of break and has gone as far as to have the Air Force Academy cadets remove Bible scriptures from their information boards in the barracks. They are not atheists.
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