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Hagel Proves Obama Won't Stop Iran

burgerboy Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 11:39 AM
I still can't believe Obama got re-elected but putting that aside,any sen that confirms this dip wad should be voted out.The gop sen. that said he is the best we will get,should not even be there,if thats' his main qualification.Is that his attitude for every issue,sequester,immegration

Does it matter that a nominee for secretary of defense doesn't particularly care for American power?

Speaking to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in 2007, Sen. Chuck Hagel revealed the kind of prejudices regarding American military strength most frequently found in the pages of the Nation magazine or among protesters at Occupy rallies. Distancing himself from Republicans he regarded as too bellicose, Hagel said, "Rather than acting like a nation riddled with the insecurities of a schoolyard bully, we ought to carry ourselves with the confidence that should come from the dignity of our heritage, the experience of our...