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Who gives a rat's arss. Should have never been there to begin with. It's scary. If that many people will throw away their money on her anti-American drivel,they will vote for her. UGHHHHHH
Obama is being a typical terrorist to get his way. Hiding behind children. He wants tax payers to pay for lawyers to defend these people that HE has lured here. This would be a good time for republicans to FINALLY use the power of the purse. Let him find the money for his own pet project.
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Common Core Becomes a Nightmare

burgerboy Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 6:27 PM
Just like with same sex marriage. Whenever a majority of the people turn down a progressive assault on the constitution ,this case the 10th amend. ,the sore losers turn to activist judges. Republicans for cc are rino's
So much of this is BS where to begin? You know once Obama gets the money he will do with it what ever he pleases.I's fungible he can split it p how ever he please. Increase the care and transportation of unaccompanied children. To where? And with the 40 extra teams of judges what percentage of cases heard will be ordered sent back south? What's to guarantee they will even stay around for hearings?
Obama and his ilk believe they are just confused misunderstood kids.They just need a chance.
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Why Lie? We are at War with Mexico

burgerboy Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 7:29 PM
Lets boycott dos equos and corona beers for starters
Isn't odd that the same people fighting id laws and increased minimum wage are push mass immigration?
With all the latest mass influx of illegals we need id laws more than ever.
oh. For what it's worth he did send them a "dead fish".
Maybe the good citizens of chitown are just tired of being "dissed" by their chosen one. If he would just spend one multi-million vacation in Chitown all their wounds may be healed. I mean what does it say about your home town when your latest favorite son,the current most powerful man in the world wont throw you a pork chop? He tried to get he Olympics there but other than that not squat.
will things come to a head in Murrieta CA.?
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