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Does this mean we should make drugs cheaply available and then have everyone running around committing crimes for fun stoned out of their minds?
Obama and Holder love crises. It's how they govern. They passively ask for turmoil n their weak worded meaningless statements On Mon. nights speech Obama kept harping on aw enforcement,NOT THE THUGGERY. Happy thanksgiving everyone.
Accept as what? The right decision?Or Another reason for a crises to be taken advantage of? Did I see a (wink,wink)or was that a tic?lol
The man that made the announcement did a great job explaining the problems with the investigation leading up to the decision. Holder and Obama must have missed the part about the lying of eyewitness testamony, Witnesses repeating what they heard then admitting they really didn't see anything. Officer Wilson being pounded on and Browns DNA on his gun. Brown was stoned. The list of problems is endless.
I'm not surprised. This administration of racist thugs will leave no stone unturned looking for a reason to keep the flames of hatred fanned and game the system. Campaign for 2016 is in full force.
Rules of engagement for who? Law enforcement not permitted to wear protective gear or use rubber bullets because it's intimidating? While two New Black panthers have been charged with illegally purchasing fire arms and plotting to detonate pipe bombs.
How will anyone stop these people from voting? They are being given free ID'S. It has been mandated that is unconstitutional to ask for these ID'S when voting. And I believe that it was written in DACA that you can't ask them for proof of citizenship. Obama,Holder,the DOJ,and DHS,took care of the ID issues ahead of time.
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A Tale of Two Substances

burgerboy Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 1:08 PM
Diabetes is mostly genetic just like many others deseases.
Many of the repub. braintrust,Bush's,Rubio,Cruz,even some gov. such as Kasich Christey want some form of amnesty anyway. So how hard will they really fight this anyway?
They can not let it stand but what will thy do to stop it? Repubs. sent the messege with DACA they can't stop him or wont. They were too afraid of being called names. Now O is calling their bluff on every issue.
When are people going to get it? Obama doesn't give a fury fat rats behind about anything but his anti-American agenda. He has his place in history as the first twice elected black president. That's it. It's very obvious. He has thrown his party under the bus before and he will do it again. It's the agenda plain and simple.
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