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How can we get around our child labor laws to give jobs to all the 5&10 year olds they are recruiting and training Oh,that's right,Obama has a pen and a phone. He can create jobs out of thin air. Remember the stimulus.
And the repubs. BOW TO THE CHOSEN ONE AGAIN.Twice in 24 hours. OMG What the he.. are they good for. They are as useless as boobs on a boar!
I realize slick willy was called. But literally as far as history will go it's Obozo. I was told by black people that according to slick willies souhtern baptist up bringing oral sex is not sex.So he desecrated nothing. That's where "What is ,is" started.
BUT,BUT,BUT,he loves america! His whole legacy is being the first black Pres. That's all he and his ego care about. The "Peter Principal " at its finest.
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Why Rudy and Walker Were Right

burgerboy Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 12:30 PM
"Republicans continue to loose,at least in large part...." Because they have no back bone. Case in point the latest collapse.
How many 2016 contenders were involved in this collapse? They just sent Hillary a message. Repubs are toast. Are only hope will be Walker or Pence,with John Bolton VP
Not surprised at CNN. After all they used to be referred to as "Clinton News Network" I imagine 99.999% of right wingers are NOT radical. What's the problem they are a JV team. Now it's "fear the JV"
How many admin. leave days have these workers ad because of the weather. Paid for not working and not being charged vacation time or sick time A special pay category the public sector has that the private doesn't. Lois Lerner was on this for about a year I believe. It would be a good touch of reality to work the other side of the coin a couple days. They will get paid and seeing the way the gov. operates they will probably find the money for bonuses for making the big sacrifice.
Funny they feel that their jobs are so important when there is issue at debate. But boy when the snow starts to fall I'd bet they are quick not to venture out. This working on iou will just make up for the free pay they got when the storms hit.
Reb. Not big enough step. Should be hundred(s). She is a Stepford wife of Obama politics in the mode of Lerner,Sebilus,J.Napolitano,Pelosi, or she wouldn't have been selected. Also we need a strong stand of unity to compensate for the likes of Graham,McCain, etal.
Governing by extortion. Who would have thought this of a Chicago Politician? He wants to throw millions of legal citizens already under worked or not able to find work under the agenda bus for the soul purpose of rewarding criminals. How is it this guy keeps proving he LOVES this country and everything that made it great. Ruddy is right he wasn't raised like most of us. He raised in Kenya by anti American father,ate dog,and mentored by socialists and brags about it.
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