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And pro gun control?? How's he feel about common core? Yet he's a favorite for the rep. ticket?
Best idea by far. But many think an impossibility.So......
Ok. How's this sound? The millions that are here illegal hiding in the shadows should have to renounce dual cititzenship as a part of any sort of amnesty plan.
So much for the vetting process once again> Should be mandatory to give up dual citizenship before running for office. In fact I strongly believe dual citizenship should be illegal. This issue should be looked at before the amnesty bill is addressed,which I hope doesn'thappen anyway.
During time out teams are supposed to stop play. What has Iran stopped? Happy New Year!
They will be handing out obamacare special plastic easter eggs,at the white house easter egg roll and the cluster mess still wont be wokring Merry Chrstmas
They are not real! Would 20 beautiful people with big egos rent a place together then try to tick them off and get them to leave leaving you with more of the rent? If you are stuck on an island wit a bunch of strangers would you really try to devide everybody and cause fights? I know people who watch them and they always say,"The person want noff is stiil there" Well,I wonder why?
It was never an achievement. .With everything he had to do to get it through,it was a successful scam. Iran scam, Obama scam. He knew all along it would never be a success, just based o haehad to do to get it passed.
May he should stop working so hard to screw over the country!
Sorry for the caps.Stuck button.
I always thought WILL&GRACE was digusting. The previews of modern family alone are assinine.Have no desire to watch it. As gooda show as Scandal is,when it comes to the Cyrus and James gay married scenes it turns my stomach. And I like the role of cyrus as chief of staff,he's great in the part. THIS ISN'T HATE,HOMOPHONE OR WHATEVER! IT'S MY THOUGHTS OF SOMETHING OF WHICH I DO NOT APPROVE,FOR WHATEVER REASON. IT'S MY PEROGATIVE,RIGHTS,AND CHOICE AS A HUMAN BEING. A MEMBER OF THE -SUPPOSEDLY-SMARTEST CREATURE ON EARTH. HOW WOULD THESE PEOPLE FEEL IF PUTIN CAME HERE AND TRIED TO PUT A STOP TO THIS NONSENSE.LIKE WE ARE IN RUSSIA FOR THE OLYMPICS. n
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