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EVERYTHNIG Obamadoes is political for his Anti American agenda. And Biden can start his wealth amancipation with butt body Kerry and the Heinz fortune and see how far he gets.
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Boehner's DHS Gambit

burgerboy Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 1:12 PM
Duhhhhhh> Dems.won't conference? Egg on Boehners face?
Obama could just as easily mandate states to provide free ID'S to all th disenfranchised minority voters He could order state to provide something like a library book mobile. State BMV'S could have ID mobiles and drive right up to persons front door.
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Why Political Oscar Speeches Stink

burgerboy Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 10:48 AM
I think the whole award dog and pony show STINK. I don't waste my time stroking these overpaid egotists egos any more than I already do. They do nothing but screw up regular programming of quality shows
It `was sarcasm. With he party being so wishy washy o so majr issues pro amnesty and pro common core jeb,pro common core pro obamacare Kasich,pro amnesty pro gun control Christie.Itwil bol down to he money. West,Carson,Maybe even Bolton would be good. But they will never be shown the money. The beauty of te vote is in the beauty of the money
Big whoop. Speeches are a dime a dozen. After all the talk they cave on DHS amnesty and loreta Lynch. We need to stop looking at sound bites. Paul ,Cruz ,Rubio have done nothing but.
Make 2016 a beauty contest. Hillary &Michelle O VS. Palin &Bachman
Illegals are the vote they don't have yet.
He expressed hope of congressional duties. But to what end. They have already caved to DHS and amnesty,and the lynch appointment. Hopes or pipe dreams. WE are toast!
Where's our Jefferson Smith?
How can we get around our child labor laws to give jobs to all the 5&10 year olds they are recruiting and training Oh,that's right,Obama has a pen and a phone. He can create jobs out of thin air. Remember the stimulus.
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