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A Life-Changing Week

murraba Wrote: May 27, 2012 9:47 PM
Doug, Auburn University is in Auburn. Mises is an institute, not a university. It's a little place over on Magnolia Avenue.

The right instructor can change a student's life. I know. It happened to me. Looking through the course catalog at UNLV years ago, I noticed the class "EC 742 — History of Economic Thought. Instructor: Rothbard." I didn't know who Murray Rothbard was. I hadn't ever heard of Austrian economics. I didn't know what a libertarian was. I was in my late 20s but hadn't thought much about my worldview at all.

I asked a fellow student about the course, and he urged me not to take the class with Rothbard. "He's a kook," said the student, providing the worst advice...