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Marriage Still Matters to Millennials

muhl Wrote: Apr 07, 2013 1:58 PM
I think the Bible more than adequately defends traditional marriage. I think Andy544 quite eloquently illustrates that point. Moses married a Black Woman. The Bible acknowledges only one key point in this; he married a WOMAN. The fact that she was Black was a mere passing factor. By interpretation, the marriage was honored and the fact that she was Black was of no consequence. The factors of importance which presented themselves were that HE was a MAN and SHE was a WOMAN. The matter of race was simply a matter of passing interest.

Supporting marriage is not a popular stance for millennials to take today.

If one is under 30 and a supporter of natural marriage, automatically they are labeled a “bigot,” “homophobe” or “fascist.”

Many in our generation--thanks to the influence of Hollywood and pop culture--support the idea of “marriage equality.” Indeed, this is touted as the hip thing to do. If millennials do not get on the bandwagon, they will be ostracized by their peers.

This begs the question: what happened to respecting difference of opinion, oh-so tolerant crowd?

Although public opinion might favor the “marriage equality” view...