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Why does elementary logic fail so many otherwise intelligent folk? A bumper sticker says "Outlaw Guns And Only Outlaws Will Have Guns". Law abiding citizens usually live by the law even to their own detriment. But an outlaw, by his very behavior, ridicules the law and does as he wishes. On 01 July 2013, Mississippi will adopt a law that will allow "Concealed Carry" Licensees to carry their weapons openly exposed. Along this same line, the local police are warning business owners of the legal transition and issuing signs preventing access to carriers of arms. The police and the business owners who object to firearms fail to understand one thing; the business owner is rendered defenseless in his own so-called "haven". Law Abiding Gun-Owning Citizens will abide by the law and enter the establishment with NO defense. THE SIGN ITSELF invites outlaws to "safe prey", because the SIGN SAYS that armed persons are barred. In short, such a sign INVITES criminals. The rationale behind this TOTALLY excapes me!
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The Pentagon's Surrender to Feminism

muhl Wrote: Jun 25, 2013 3:02 PM
"Feminism" and/or "Feminaziism" is an attempt by some women to force equality between the sexes where none exists. As persons, of course, such equality DOES exist, but PHYSICALLY there is no such thing. Men and women are separate physical and psychological entities designed to be COMPLEMENTARY to each other for the express purpose of raising children. May I emphasize the fact that two complementary entities may NOT be equal in and of themselves, but if and when they unite they are of NECESSITY **ARE** EQUAL!
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Army Punishes Soldier who Served Chick-fil-A

muhl Wrote: Jun 25, 2013 2:38 PM
That just caps it all! A soldier fights in our behalf for the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights and yet gets denied those very rights. This is a bit much to swallow. He fights for ALL citizens. Uhh, NEWSFLASH!!! He is a citizen in his own right, and more deserving than most due to his military service. His CO should suffer disciplinary procedures due to this unconscionable action.
Considering both the privacy and the personal arms issues, I'm seriously considering the possibility of Swiss Citizenship. From what little I know about Switzerland, it seems they have a firmer hand on the meaning of freedom than what we in the USA have.
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Working Moms and Unemployed Dads

muhl Wrote: Jun 08, 2013 3:54 PM
Hey, this is the Final Result of the Feminist Movement, the total emasculation of men. Like it or not, there are no women left who could be worthwhile wives. Men have been reduced to nothing more than sperm donors to those who wish to have anonymous fathers for their children. I have chosen NOT to be such a donor. I will have a decent Biblical Wife or I will die alone.
It was Jesus who was the conservative. Yes, He was an agitator and an insurrectionist, but he was ALSO the Ultimate Conservative. A Conservative does NOT always lie in bed with the government, ESPECIALLY when it is fundamentally wrong.
Uh, anyone heard of Free Speech? He was invited to make a speech, and he did so. Yeah, they manufactured a preformed delivery which he CHOSE to ignore. Get it? He CHOSE! Um, what, freedom of choice, anyone? He had memorized a script from the Bible that he CHOSE to utter INSTEAD of the preformed and preferred utterances. Anyone remember the Bill Of Rights? Or that of basic humanity which allows free choice irrespective of religion or lack thereof? I think most of America has FORGOTTEN what FREEDOM really means!
And of all of these, I believe the most devastating casualty is Virtue.
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Tips for Right-Wingers on the IRS Scandal

muhl Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 2:57 PM
The Republican Party is my party of choice, but it has been disappointing me these days. I would like to see the installation of the "Constitution Restoration Party", which would be devoted to the revocation of any and all laws and/or amendments that in any fashion restrict the original Ten Bill Of Rights OR any others guaranteed by the Original Constitution Of The United States Of America. Most of the "allowances" granted to various government agencies VIOLATE **OUR** RIGHTS as citizens of THIS country, the TOP three of which are Free Speech, Right To Bear Arms, and Personal Privacy. By court order or otherwise, there is NO LEGAL REASON worthwhile enough for the infringement of ANY of our rights mentioned by the Constitution. If we allow ONE infringement, we allow ALL. END it, and END IT NOW!!!!
OK, my head spun around a few times over this. Let me see if I have this news correctly. A teacher advised his students of their Constitutional Rights? The principal of the school punished him for this? Wow, what has happened while I was sleeping? I always thought schools existed to teach about history and documents that supported historical facts, as well as the standards of reading, writing, and arithmetic. So, this teacher did his job? He taught about a historical document, the Constitution of the United States, and he was PUNISHED for it?!? I can't wrap my mind around this. A teacher does what he is paid to do, his DUTY, which in turn gets him slimed by his boss, the principal. The principal MUST be FIRED!
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The 'Assassinate Wall Street' Movie

muhl Wrote: May 25, 2013 4:32 PM
This reminds me of a movie in which, who, Will Smith?, played the father of a young boy dying for the lack of a transplant. The father's heroics, even though he was arrested, BOUGHT his son's life. He will probably serve life in jail. BUT, his SON has a bright future ahead that would never exist had he not made the sacrifice.
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