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As a small business owner (remodeling/building), I consider the relationship between the consumer and the contractor to be equal: the consumer needs a product and the business wants to sell that product. The consumer has the right to solicit bids from several contractors and choose the one he likes best. The contractor has a corresponding right to select his customers. We all do it; it's a matter of survival.
Instead of foundations, initiatives, pledges and other cornball gestures, how about tearing down some of barriers to small businesses so black men might have incentives to start businesses and hire black boys? And how about doing something to stem the flood of illegal aliens, who compete for jobs that young black men might have? And how about undoing some of the measures that are supposed to protect minority workers but in fact make them very unattractive candidates for employment? And how about working on the culture of entitlement and grievance that pervades the black population? And finally, how about telling them to pull up their @#&^* pants!?
Ann, A substantial number of the illegal aliens are skilled. This really hurts native tradesmen who have invested years in mastering a trade and spent thousands of dollars on tools. Many of these construction men have chased the American dream and started their own businesses and now face unfair competition from companies that hire illegals. In using illegals, these companies are like athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs; they have an unfair--and illegal--advantage. Liberals often point out that we need immigrants to harvest apples, tomatoes and other crops. But the fact is that about ten times as many illegals work in construction and remodeling as work in agriculture. They are often quite skilled and work very hard; and they suppress wages for American construction men. Liberals like to think that they're the compassionate ones. But the illegals and the companies that hire them drive black, Hispanic and white entrepreneurs out of business. Investing years of your life and going bust is not my idea of being treated compassionately.
Navy-baby, We are rapidly moving in the direction of the country your husband was born in. The result will be the same, too. In those countries, everyone wants to work for the government. It's nice, clean work with good pay and benefits. They take care of a huge underclass of unemployable ne'er-do-wells. People that can actually produce things and repair things, in the meantime, get tired of paying taxes to support the overpaid, annoying, self-important bureaucracy--not to mention the slothful ne'er-do-wells. An underground, cash economy inevitably springs up. In countries like Argentina, over 50% of the economy is off the books. It's where we're headed.
America, along with these problems, there's the feminization of boys. I was a teenager in the 1960s and I had a burning desire to work in a man's job to prove my manhood. At the age of 15, I worked over the summer as the clean up boy in a machine shop. The machinists were WWII vets who felt that real men worked with their hands. After two summers in the machine shop, I went to work on a roof. Again the ethic was that real men worked real hard. Now, thanks to the feminization of child-rearing, the boys are taught to be "sensitive", which to say whining sissies.
In addition to the financial burden and the liability, there is the horrible attitude that the do-gooders have inculcated in the young. A lot of young men have poor social skills and a poor work ethic, which renders them unemployable.
As the owner of a remodeling business, I can say from experience that the government has made it ridiculously difficult to carry employees. At this point in life, I wouldn't dream of hiring anyone.This is a shame because I'm a skilled mason, tile setter, carpenter, roofer and drywall finisher and I could teach some young man how to build a house.
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The 'Fairness' Fraud

Mudslinger Wrote: Feb 25, 2014 10:05 AM
If we're going to talk about unfairness, I kind of think it's unfair that I worked my butt off all my life, developed skills in several trades, bought a truckload of expensive tools, created my own job (and jobs for others) and now face competition from millions of illegal aliens.
What you all don't get is that it's a cultural thing. When a black person gets elected (especially one from Chicago), they think they hit the lottery. You need to stop being so ethnocentric!
I have no problem with anybody who wants an education pursuing that education. I do have a problem with blowhards who insist that a high-tech education is "essential for nearly everyone." It's an idiotic position. And I object to that blowhard asking me to help foot the bill.
What a crock! Almost everyone does not need the "right" education. Who does Mr. Rubio think drives cabs, deliver trucks and buses? Who builds and remodels houses, waits tables, cleans buildings, clears clogged drains, works the counters of stores and supply houses. A huge number of people do good, honorable work WITHOUT THE "RIGHT" EDUCATION --whatever that's supposed to mean. I guess his plan for getting this kind of work done is to allow huge numbers of little brown people flood across the border.
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