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Tragedy and Exploitation – The Progressive Way

MudontheTires Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 12:57 PM
"The NRA is now in the same company as NAMBLA...." An organization that defends the rights put forth in the Constitution is on a par with a bunch of perverts? Really? Good Lord, you are stupid.

I’ll leave it to others better suited to comment on the horror of Friday afternoon in Newtown, Conn. I am not yet a parent and would not presume to understand the emotions involved in something like this.

But on the media reaction and exploitation that followed the horrific news, I will comment.

Simply put, it was disgusting.

I’ve said before how progressives will exploit anyone and anything to advance their agenda, but I’d always thought there was a line, somewhere, of decency they wouldn’t cross. I was wrong.

With the blood of the victims still wet, progressives began...