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The Hope-a-Nomics Disaster: One Company's Horror Story

MudontheTires Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 3:02 AM
"Anyone ever notice that Malkin looks like an ugly catfish with a crappy wig?" Anyone ever notice that progs come up with idiotic comments, even moreso when they can't rebut an arguement?
justme16 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 6:14 AM
OBAMA is a COMMUNIST and his idea of fundamental transformation is akin to the Russian Revolutions of the likes of Stalin. Read up on the out come of that ...and follow the bouncing ball of the subtle step by step processes that transpired prior to those evil men rise to power. In order for transformation (remodeling) of any kind to happen one must first TEAR down that which they wish to transform....Enjoy the fall.
justme16 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 6:11 AM
Ridicule and attack. That is the language and tactic of Alinsky an avowed communist PIG himself. Those so called enlightened (dolts) who were run through the indoctrination mills we commonly call colleges are subtly trained (conditioned like a Pavlovian dog) to spew and spit it out (most unknowing that this is what it is and where it came from) rather than enter an intelligent dialogue and discourse based on principle, common sense or logic. Yet they to a man/woman, think they are EDUCATED (where education used to mean intelligent) blind to their planned programmed social conditioning. Study what the likes of Bernadine Dorn, Bill Ayers et all actually set out to do. That's why they hid and still hide in the university systems.
President Obama promises to move the country forward with his recycled pledge of five million green jobs. But in the real world, small businesses are struggling to stay afloat as they deal with the fiscal wreckage of this administration's disastrous venture socialism. Here's the tale of just one Colorado company victimized by the Obama Department of Energy (DOE).

Colorado Distribution Group is a privately held storage and shipping company based in Denver. Thanks to hope-a-nomics, its warehouse is saddled with nearly 7,000 pallets of federally subsidized solar panels (one-third of which are completely spoiled and unsalable), along with related detritus such as...