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Romney: “We Lost, But I’m Not Going Away”

MudontheTires Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 1:12 AM
"When you read barely coherent, horribly spelled, babble that's full of religious nonsense but lacking in logic and reason?" Congrats, you've just described the prog agenda. Or are you going to expalin the "logic and reason" behind glo-bull warming, marxism, and all the rest of the failed nonsense you progs have been pushing fore the last several decades? "At what point do you guys decide to tackle your problem of internal sabotage?" We sure as hell aren't going to tackle it by listening to the advice of a marxist shill like you.

Mitt Romney may have gone off the radar since the election but that doesn’t mean he’s done with politics altogether. In a meeting with donors and senior campaign leadership on Friday, Romney said, “We lost, but I’m not going away.” Over to you, Politico:

Romney told top Washington bundlers, donors and senior campaign leadership in a meeting Friday morning that he would help out GOP candidates for governor in 2013, during the upcoming midterm elections and the 2016 presidential race, according to two people who attended the meeting.

Romney also made clear his ambition for elected...