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"No, a business declining services to gays is no different from a hotel hanging a sign saying "whites only" or "Jews need not apply." " Wrong. Homosexuality is neither a religion nor an ethnicity, both of which are protected by the 1st Amendment.
No Cam. I'm pointing out that you and your ilk are engaging in the EXACT SAME behavior that Nazis engaged in: criminalizing disagreement with you and your ilk. "Conservatives not only share homophobia with the Nazis..." Learn some history Cam. The Nazis recruited homosexuals into the SS. You're not only stupid, you're a liar.
"As for "Natural Law" - over 450 species of animals have been documented to engage in homosexual behavior." Documented by who? Homosexual activists pushing their agenda? "Why is it so hard for you to accept that people are different?" We can ask you and your ilk the same question, Cam. And we(Conservatives and Christians) aren't the ones trying to criminalize disagreement. "The "Laws of God" defense is a crock as well" According to who? You and your Godless ilk?
Of course. With progs "tolerance" = "My way or the highway".
"Sexual orientation might be understood to be a choice if a shred of evidence is ever produced to indicate that it is." It is, and you progs have never produced a shred of evidence showing ANY genetic component. "So before you go off on your uninformed rants, do a little research." Take your own advice Cam.
Prog judges would just dismiss the suits.
"A real church would be different." According to who? You? "This issue really exposes how a conservative will always view himself as the center of the universe." No Cam, this issue shows how you and your fellow Nazis think YOU are the center of the universe and this think you have the right to force your "morals" on everyone else and then pretend it's the fault of Conservatives. Try again, clown.
"Why MUST you perform a ceremony that violates your morals?" Because progs think THEIR "morals" are the only ones that matter.
And the prog smear campaign against Governor Walker begins. Progs are terrified of the very thought of "President Walker".
Or just tell these homosexuals to take a hike. This will end up completely exposing the homosexual activists as the Nazi thugs they are, and starting a backlash that will end this kind of nonsense.
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