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"But we know, you will continue to make things up WJF rather then hold any sort of rational discussion" Just like you did Tinny when I pointed out that your pal Herald's claim the "the Bible has no place in America" was Identical to Stalin's view? You're a liar and a hypocrite.
"A logical person who agrees with what I've been shouting" "Logic is not defined by your opinion, prog.
I saw a bunch of pictures at the Catholic Online website this weekend of what Muslims are doing in areas they control. Not a FOX logo in site. This buffoon needs to be treated as the Agent of a Foreign Power that he obviously is.
I don't see how denigrating an entire group of people... You have no problem denigrating anyone who doesn't kowtow to the views of you and your fellow homosexuals. Get lost, Christophobe.
Hey Casey, Who at DOD is forcing the government schools to buy all of this military surplus? It sounds like you're trying to put the blame on the wrong people here, Casey.
Hey headtilt, meet "Loyal Dem/Loyal Prog", the premier satirist of Townhall.
+1, Laura. rnaber is a prog trying to push his defeatist BS.
" I am implementing something called STRATEGY. " "IT'S ALMOST ALL OVER FOLKS!!!" We can see what your "strategy" is, prog.
Hey progs- Your "smartest gun laws" have led to the highest murder rates in the nation.
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Poll: Huckabee Clear Favorite in Iowa

MudontheTires Wrote: 19 hours ago (1:33 AM)
This poll is take 2 YEARS before the election. Pretty much worthless.
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