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"Military buildup is what destroyed the Soviet Union" Marxism is what destroyed the Soviet Union. " and caused huge deficits during the Reagan era." Considering that defense spending has never been above 20% of the Federal Budget, this lie is obvious. Try again, you communist shill.
Hey Starley, if you're going to post here, then you need to come up with better sources then leftist garbage like "New York Magazine" or "Time" .
And they'd ALL look like Obama's son.
Her name was Tawana Brawley. But you're absolutely right about the complete difference in how these 2 cases were treated, even when it became obvious that Miss Brawley was lying.
Remember who was the new Mayor at that time: David Dinkins. And he was already proving what an incompetent he was.
"More of your BS." Nice refutation, you stooge.
"That is covered in other laws" So is the definition of "marriage". "and anyone making this argument is both stupid and offensive." In other words, you have no refutation. So just admit your arguments can be used to justify incest or pedophilia. "Gay marriage will not result in incest" Really? And what proof do you offer, other then your own(worthless) word? "All it will result in is people being able to marry other people and share legal rights and protections." To be followed shortly by lawsuits against ANY Christian Church that refuses ignore God's word and "marry" homosexuals.
"We're not going to let you write laws denying us basic human rights." No, you're just going to pretend that YOU and YOU ALONE have the right to decide what's normal.
"And there are many Christians who would see me denied Citizenship as I am an atheist." Prove it.
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