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"But it is still legal so like i said and you agree nothing has changed" And like I said, you and your ilk are still trying to change it. "all you are left with is your insults" Says someone who calls people "unbalanced" because they don't agree with him.
"Yes mud and you will continue to nt have a clue about what the topic" Says someone who doesn't have a clue about honesty or reality. Your attempt to pretend that homosexuality is normal and the rest of us are required to accept it as normal because you and your ilk say so is the problem in America.
"will try........ and why do you think they will be successful in the USA?" I didn't say they'll be successful tinny. But they can and have made an real mess because people wouldn't stand up to them back when homosexuals first began demanding "rights" based on their sexual preference. "Are you that much of a defeatist craven you dont think the bill of rights can be defended?" I've never said that either Tinny. When I took my oath to protect the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic I wasn't kidding. And that has no expiration date. And that's a pretty strange question coming from someone who, in a post below called this garbage "equal protection under the law".
"good thing i am not a liberal" Your posts call you a liar.
"Do we live in Canada and Europe?" I never said we did. Weak attempt at a dodge. "I live in the USA and am talking about here" I live in the USA too, anmd am talking about what you progs are trying to do to America.
Learn to read tinny. You progs aren't going to be happy until disagreement with you is illegal. Is that understandable?
Reread and try to understand what I said, tinny. I'm disputing your claim that allowing homo activists to redefine marriage is "equal protection under the law".
"Your church may continue to view and practice marriage however it chooses." You're either a liar or delusional David. Homo activists WILL eventually try to force the homo agenda on the Christian Church, just like they have in EVERY country you progs have gotten control over.
"I don't think he was making a big deal out of Tchaikovsky being gay." To will, EVERYTHING is about "being gay".
"It was the kind of church Obama attended for 20 years." You mean a "church" where the "pastor" is a black separatist who is a former black muslim?
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