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"Silly, hotheaded TEAs are being educated in political reality in real time." Political reality is that you establishmentarians have been cooperating with the progs to screw Americans.
"So the solution is for the right to refuse to attempt to compromise" All the right HAS done is "attempt to compromise". And what's it gotten? "and to demonize the left" Exposing the left isn't the same as "demonizing" them. "It's a good thing the Founding Fathers did not share those sentiments" The Founding Fathers would have likely tarred and feathered these progs as the scum they are.
"but the majority do not welcome" According to who?
"What makes anyone think that Holder will follow this judge's ruling?" Hopefully, if Holder doesn't follow this judges ruling, Holder is going to find himself being arrested and facing criminal prosecution.
"You better be. She would have won." You progs claimed that the Hildebeast was a sure thing in 2008. How'd that work out for you?
Most of the DNC/CPUSA would have fit right in with the Third Reich.
Anna Eshoo needs to quit whining because Americans don't want the Marxist nanny state that she and her fellow progs want to force on us, but exempt themselves from.
"More Republicans are liking their new plans." Documentation?
"She does not represent the American people at all." No, but she IS a perfect representative for the prog left.
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