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"Among the many things you're wrong about is my gender. But he's not wrong about your dishonesty and stupidity.
"You are masters at carpet bombing and misleading the American people." Which is how Obama was elected and then reelected, right? "If only you knew how to govern and not run our country into the ground. You mean like Detroit? "All you can do is pillage and then wait for people to forget." Like in Detroit? Try again, you lying Buffon.
"He inherited an economy on the brink of collapse" After 2 years of control by Reid and Pelosi. "and has given us steady growth." Where? Besides the government? You people might forget, but a lot of us haven't forgotten that conservative deregulation nearly killed our economy." And we haven't forgotten that you progs lie through your teeth too. Try something beside prog talking points, Cam.
^^^^^^Another example of a "moderate, business oriented Democrat"^^^^^^
"What was the president thinking?" Who says he "thinks" at all?
“She told them, ‘I’m not going to let the citizens of Houston vote on my civil rights,’” Riggle said. Nobody is trying to vote on her civil rights. She's demanding special rights based on her sexual preference.
"I for one would vote for him if I lived in Wisconsin." Same here. And hopefully we'll get a chance to vote for Scott Walker in the 2016 presidential elections.
It sounds like Mary Burke is a Wisconsin version of Wendy Davis. Just as dishonest and incompetent.
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