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"I don't know how much they own, but they back up Islam." You don't KNOW much of anything Daft.
No surprise there. The Nazi's and the Muslims were allies. Read up on Hitler's relationship with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.
Downthread Taft says "It is scary to hear sentiments like Jews heard in Germany in the 1930s." Hey Taft, it's even more scary to hear blind stupidity like you post. And blind stupidity is EXACTLY what put your fellow progressive Hitler into power.
7% ownership of a companies stock is not "ownership", you lying idiot.
"You can stay ignorant, willingly, of so easy a truth?" You wouldn't know "the truth" if it slapped you, prog stooge. "Why would you, and so many of your kind, toss away freedom, given to you by blood of patriots?" My kind? You mean me and my fellow veterans, who put our lives on the line so that fools like YOU can post your idiocy?
"And I might add that Obama is bombing them" Clinton claimed he was "bombing them" too, David. And it turned out to be a lie then.
"Giles, you need to step out of your muddled mind once in a while and see what's going on in the world." You should take your own advice, David. "Who's giving Muslims "a pass"? Almost nobody." If by "almost nobody" you mean your messiah and his supporters, you're right. "Have you not noticed that liberal Bill Maher is one of the most vocal critics of Islam in America?" Have you not noticed that Bill Maher wants Christians, who are THE most determined opponents of Islam, silenced and marginalized? "Have you not noticed that atheists disdain all religions equally, and that they point to the horrors of Islam as proof that religion is a cancer that poisons the mind?" That's because atheists are fools who believe that Christianity is somehow connected to Islam while pretending that their "religion" of secular humanism isn't a near identical twin to Islam. "When a religious person is so convinced he is right that he will use religion as an excuse to kill, to mistreat gay people, try to brainwash them into becoming straight, to subjugate women or take money from little old ladies on Social Security to support "the ministry," the atheist says you are all full of sh_t -- and that applies to all religions." And what "religion" was it that created places like the USSR, Nazi Germany, etc, ALL of which you talk about did happen, David? You're as stupid as you are dishonest.
"http://thinkprogress.org" Nothing but mindless propaganda.
"Fox news is owned by Islam." Says a fool owned by Soros.
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