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How We Told Our Kids About Sex

MudontheTires Wrote: 7 hours ago (11:49 PM)
"karpe diem was not intolerant." Who asked you?
"Don't try to minimize the shooting of this unarmed black kid. It didn't work with Trayvon Martin and it won't work here." But it did reveal just how stupidly racist you progs are.
Your fear is obvious, QuackX.
Yep. It must be so nice to be a democrat these days, knowing that you could commit murder before the press would say anything negative about you. And maybe not even then.
No Tinny, I simply reject you silly premise that homosexuals are a separate class of people and that their BEHAVIOR entitles them to somehow being entitled to tell the rest of us what is normal.
The reason that democrats wont repudiate Amanda Curtis is that deep down, they actually agree with her. So lets congratulate the progs for a rare moment of honesty.
" You have no real evidence that kids in those families are "confused," And you have no evidence that those children are not as well of as they would be in a traditional family David. "I doubt that the members of the American Academy of Pediatrics would own up to being "gay activists." And nowhere do they mention homosexuals there either David. Like I said, nothing but homosexual activist propaganda.
"We are not trying to change that Constitution but adhere to it" Really? Then what is the grounds for these judges overturning the will of Americans who have said that "marriage" = 1 man & 1 woman.
And that's why the Founding Fathers included an Amendment process.
"Because those bans by those states are unconstitutional---duh" Ok, show where the Constitution mentions "Marriage" IN ANY WAY. DUH! "Unequal treatment under the law without a valid Governmental interest in that unequal treatment" And that apples to Christians as well, no matter how much you Christophobes want to pretend otherwise.
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