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She's have no problem taking DICKtation from her fellow Nazi.
And all you do is reveal yourself to be a fool.
"Or maybe we pull Orwell and Swift from the libraries since they could still offend some tyrant." Don't give them ideas. Progs already have a long history or book burning.
"Wasn't there a film made which depicted the assassination of Bush?" Yes there was.
"Beyond that, this gal is terribly misinformed and naive." She's a prog. So that goes without saying.
"Back when I was a simple-minded conservative" It's pretty doubtful you were ever a Conservative, Hillary stooge. But there's no doubt at all you are simple minded.
Supposedly. But what tenure really does is allow radicals to take over schools and turn them into indoctrination centers for the radical left.
"Their hated for gay people knows no bounds." All anyone has to do if they want to see "hate" is read the rantings of mindless lunatics like you, James.
"Iran doesn't have nukes." Yet. But you progs sure want that to change.
"I'm glad people are coming around to seeing benefits of improved relations between the US and Cuba." The only ones "coming around" are idiots like you who want to prop up the criminal gang that calls itself the Cuban Government.,
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