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Let’s Destroy Liberal Academia

MudontheTires Wrote: Mar 02, 2015 6:50 AM
"If you want to argue like an adult you might want to show that you know how to do it." Like your response of "please get help"? Take your own advice, prog.
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"And you think the book of Revelation is not full of silly ideas?" You mean like the rise of anti-Christian laws and persecution of Christians? That's starting to happen right now, thanks to you and your fellow progs, David.
"Christians have a pretty lock on it, with a church on every corner and 80 percent of the population Christian." David, Christianity wasn't exactly unknown in Germany and Eastern Europe in the late 1940s and early 1950's. But that didn't matter much to Stalin, did it.
"Please, don't post lies." Take your own advice, Daft. And then go watch "The Stoning of Soraya M".
"It is time to stop lying and be truthful." Go ahead and do so, Daft.
"If Ronald Reagan wasn't a Muslim hater, then why should we?" The hate is all from you progs, Daft. Reacting to the barbaric thuggery of these islamofascists isn't "hate".
"After 9/11, we should have gone after terrorist camps" You mean the ones that American Special Forces and Kurdish troop found in Northern Iraq? "but not replaced governments with other governments." Tell that to your messiah. "As the late Christopher Hitchens said, "Religion poisons everything."." Does that apply to your religion of secular humanism?
"The more people feel they are losing and have no argument left, the more vulgar they become." All we need to do is look at the postings of you and your fellow progs to see the truth of that. "We've all heard the "Obama- is- an - American-hating-Muslim" litany a thousand times already since 2007." Truth hurts, doesn't it. "Meanwhile, those under 60 years old who support you are getting less and less." Which explains the outcome of the last election, right?
"I don't know how much they own, but they back up Islam." You don't KNOW much of anything Daft.
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