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Hopefully, more people appreciate the truth.
There is some truth to the notion that it's not nice to make fun of stupid people. But it is also important to counter non-truths with the truth. And if that can be done with a sense of humor, even better.
The way things are going for the progressives, the material will write itself.
Well they won't just sit on their hands, that's for sure. The bad news is that these efforts impact the least among us more than the affluent. The regulations and taxes stifle economic growth and the ability of the country to produce jobs. Food stamps for everyone.
Eh, the Fed can just buy more debt to make the interest payments. Lah dee dah, the party bus rolls on.
They would disagree with your first comment about the data, and that would be the end of the argument as far as they're concerned.
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How Republicans Can Find Themselves

muckdog Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 1:06 AM
Katie, one interesting 2012 analysis came out about the demographics behind Obama's win. From the NY Times, Obama received the majority of votes in the income groups beow $50K, and lost to Romney when folks made more than $50K. In addition, Obama won high school dropouts, high school grads, but lost to Romney when folks had a college degree. Summary: Obama won the poor and less educated vote.
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Sore Loser? Darned Straight

muckdog Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 1:33 AM
"America gets the government it deserves, for they are the short sighted, self centered, most ignorant, uneducated, thoughtless, irresponsible, irrational people on earth." I think you nailed the Obama demographic
Kos has an article saying Obama is up big in early voting. Who knows what to believe?
For folks to argue that Obama hasn't been able to implement demand side or Keynesian economics, remember that Keynes said in times of economic slowdowns to deficit spend and lower taxes. Well, Obama has added $5 trillion to the national debt. Obama cut taxes for the poor (and all) via sending them checks, a reduction in the payroll tax, cash for clunkers, etc. Working with the Federal Reserve, interest rates have been cut to near zero and home loan rates are the lowest ever, resulting in a huge cut in homeowners monthly payments - which is like a huge tax cut. None of that has worked. He has been able to do what he wanted to do and what Keynes would want to do. It hasn't worked. Time to go back to supply side, like Reagan.
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