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Joe Biden: “Great” Cities are in China, Not U.S.

mturner Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 10:12 PM
So True- It is repeated every day to us in one form or fashion- Starting with his (BHO's) world apology trip and all the bowing down to all other world leaders, showing how submissive, we all should be, to the other countries of the world. I'm still amazed that no one has even started proceeding of getting him out, and they are even condoning his running again for this office. Where are TRUE LEADERS???

As a follow-up to Kate’s post earlier today, it seems Uncle Joe Biden is at it again with another stunning (and possibly offensive) observation. (Via The Washington Examiner):

"If I blindfolded Americans and took them into some of the airports or ports in China, and then took one of them to any of your cities in the middle of the night just so that they could see it. If I said, 'which one is in America and which one is in China,' most Americans would say, 'That great one is in...