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And how does a man, who thinks he is a woman, know what being a woman feels like, as he is a man, not a woman. The best the man can do is feel like what he thinks a woman should feel like, which is likely some misguided characterization of what women feel. And we've been told on and on again by the leftist/Democrats and feminists that only women can represent other women, as men cannot relate to what a woman's life is like, simply because he is a man, not a woman. So using this same feminist logic, it is impossible for a man who thinks he is a woman, to know what it is to be like a woman, because he is a man after all - and men cannot know what women think or feel, as the feminists often tell us.
The LGBTers have mixed up backward thinking. They believe that one is born gay and cannot change, while one that is born male or female can change. In other words, one who is attracted to same sex people cannot change those attractions (which are emotionally based - emotions can and do change naturally throughout one's lifetimes), but one who is born biologically male, for example, can change that biology (biology does not change throughout one's lifetime naturally). So that which changes naturally throughout one's lifetime cannot change, and that which does not change naturally throughout one's lifetime can change. This is mixed up, backward thinking.
The Democrats should pick Mickey Mouse, as Mickey Mouse ends up voting in many other elections for Democrats.
The Kansas independent running for Senator is actually a Democrat, apparently ashamed to call himself a Democrat.
This reminds one of Sandy Burglar and his purloining of documents in the loins of his pants, and Bill Clinton dismissing this as just being Sandy.
This kind of corruption doesn't disturb Democrats about their high level politicians, in fact, it seems to comfort them.
I think they hate people in general, as these are the same one who want to kill the infirm, as they use up valuable resources. Read Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Facism and you'll see that the left has a long history of hating people different from themselves.
How can this woman tell us that 160 million girls were destroyed, when for decades the leftists/Democrats have been telling us that it isn't babies in the mother's womb. Seems that we are having a disconnect in leftist logic, not that's ever stopped leftists from promoting their illogical causes in the past. It's always fun to watch leftists get on each other for things that conservatives have been saying for decades.
The problem with this law is that Democrats wrote it and are pushing it. And it is a truism, that with Democrats everything is political. So, when Democrats want to pass a law, there is likely some underlying reason for it, that the Democrats won't tell us. As it is with this law, there is something they aren't telling us, and that's why we need to be wary of this, despite the good sounding intentions of this law.
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Exposing Liberalism in the Church

mturn115 Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 9:41 PM
Everything leftists touch is distorted, damaged and often destroyed. Science is their latest victim with global warming/climate change/climate disruption. Leftists are like drive by shooters, they do their damage, leave go do it somewhere else and expect others to pick up the pieces, if they can.
In other words, Colorado Democrats are relying on voter fraud to get Udall back to the Senate, much like the Democrats relied on it in Washington and Minnesota.
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