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The Tea Party's Winning Model

mtorre Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 8:56 PM
The Tea Party IS America - our hearts and souls! We remember why this country was founded - we have LIVED the AMERICAN DREAM - prosperity by our OWN hands, WORKING, and enjoying the FRUITS of our labor, GIVING FREELY to the (and this is important) DESERVING POOR. "The poor will always be with us", as Jesus Christ said. As a CHRISTIAN NATION, shall we simply disappear into the gloom of what OBAMA is doing to us? Or shall we rise again as a nation of FREEDOMS that will NOT BE DENIED???!!!

Like a child who edges the line to see how many rules he can break, President Obama is testing America’s patience with a pattern of unconstitutional behavior that rivals any other president’s record, trading out America’s founding principles for top-down policies designed to centralize control in the federal government. No wonder Americans are fed up and eager to take back what’s theirs by staging a hostile takeover of Washington.

At its outset, the political elite ignored the Tea Party, casting it off as a partisan flash in the pan as it grew in strength in the early part of 2009. Since...