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First Jobs

mtorbert Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 2:18 AM
That isn't how it works. You can't just apply a blanket inflation to every individual value. For instance, comic books cost $.10 in 1965, they cost $5.00 now, not $.80. Also, the mid-60s saw the highest real value of the minimum wage during its history. You can say it's lower now than it should be, but history says it was actually higher then than it should have been.
What was your first job?

I stuck pieces of plastic and metal together at an Evanston, Ill., assembly line. We produced photocopiers for a company called American Photocopy.

I hated the work. It was hot and boring. But it was useful. It taught me to get good grades in school so I might have other choices.

Four years later, good grades got me a job as a researcher at a TV station.

To my surprise, that became a career. I never planned to be a TV reporter. I hadn't even watched TV news. I never took a journalism course.

But by...