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Yeah, if 3-million pweople showed up in DC in mid September, like the Calltholics did in Rio this week. And JUST SAID NO!!!
WE all know exactly what WOULD happen IF 'they' could ban firearms period, it'd only be a matter of time after that. God fearing folks w/arms are fine.....but these godless Tory's would LOVE absolute power over decent people! History DOES repeat itself for those that don't learn; OUR Founders were the Wisest people in the world next to the writers of Scripture. Can WE really be as thankful as WE should be for the GIFT of America???! IT IS A MIRACLE; these 'lefties' want to take us back 'back to Egypt'!
If only.....when she got a hold of herself being outclassed, out facted, outed period she tried to lecture Ted on how she'd 'been in congress for 28-yrs'......he'd have then interrupted her, like the hypocrite she is, telling her in NO uncertain terms, "THAT IS EXACTLY THE PROBLEM WITH AMERICA-people like YOU"!!!! With the finger pointed at her contorted satanic face. Only, Conservatives are Christian -gentleman+ladies- as is the case; REAL class!!!
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Five Annoying Types Of Republicans

mtman2 Wrote: Jul 04, 2013 1:06 PM
1)-Only lib/progs + low info's watch or listen to these as of ANY consequence, and mostly on lefty shows. 2)-One name -Ronald Reagan!!?... where did he fit in this scenario? He pulled all sides in double landslides, as he stood alone + changed the world[should be on Mt.Rushmore] 3+5)-Different sides of the same people.....RINO's-[selfish-opportunists] 4)-Children at the carnival paid for by WE the People!
It was Rush's bride to be that was promised her music pick[her-memories to this music?]. Rush disputes paying that amount as an untrue rumor!??
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Candy Crowley Self-Destructs

mtman2 Wrote: May 23, 2013 10:25 PM
I will no longer attempt to post here as I'm trying listen to FOX while doing this + these people allow my relevant hard thought out blogs to be DELETED if a few minutes pass! this is frustrating + then rude, I have better things to do somewhere else!!!
What is so hard about doing work for pay? Robbing + stealing has to be harder, certainly riskier + more dangerous.
U are a LIAR or just a complete FOOL=go bother someone stupid enough to believe UR malarky. WE don't wanna see it!!!
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Biden’s Tourrette Problem

mtman2 Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 10:05 AM
WHO-EVER recruits these "people"{zombie followers}, in the first place??? Their "information" [propaganda] is always inaccurate. They seem to like that way. If you don't know the true picture they figure they "win" with their view. Which is why they have temporarily, seemingly prevailed in the "public" arena. Like RONOLDUS MAGNUS said " so much of what they say just isn't so". You gotta Love that! So it is up to us{"WE the people" -not the "Tories"} to be responsible to the truth - "or the people perish". It's not the liberals fault for tortuosities of the far left [like slk wrote above]. they don't know any better + can't help themselves; it's the innocent children led by the "Pied Piper" that'll pay in the future!!! "WE" hired"em.
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