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"While Obama plays Golf and lets Isiss terrorists cut-off poeples heads in Iraq." That is Iraqs' issue. The federal government abondoning its duty to safeguard the USA soveriegn borders in hopes of fomenting a de facto borderless federal North American Union is ours.
The author seems to be missing the mark to gain sensationalist appeal for the article.No law in this country is valid that infinges the 2nd Amendments affirmed indivdual right to keep an bear arms. AT ALL! BUT, the penaities for antisocial abuse of this right ( be it due to incompetancy or criminality) CAN be determined by law. But then again, disproportionate penalty for the injury to society just might run afoul of the Constitutional individual protection against cruel and unusual punishment. OOPS!
"Hot New Idea: Doctors Should Be Trained to Determine Who is “Fit” to Carry a Gun" Interesting but unnessesary and unconstitutional. If a citizen is sober and rational to vote, he is also fit to exersize the inalienable rights, such as self-defense using tools like firearms. The burden to gain proficiency with firearms is incumbent upon the citizen, since the outcomes of its exersize are also his responsibility.
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Two Americas

mthompson305 Wrote: Aug 22, 2013 3:52 PM
"President Obama is making the argument that the executive branch by presidential fiat can pick and choose which laws should and should not be faithfully executed" With the retaking of the Senate in 214 (and the removal of the obstacle Harry Reid), this documented fact should feature greatly during the Obama impeachment proceedings. Because this nation cannot possibly give a pass for this level of criminality, being just one of numerous other examples, spearheaded by the Chief Executive. Unlike Nixon though, the process should not stop with resignation, but rather imprisonment to underscore the consequences, as an example to future would-be-kings.
'Dianne Feinstein Warns Harry Reid on Gun Control: Don't Betray My Trust' You dont suppose she is hinting for flowers and a phone call do you??? NAWWWW! Even Harry has ethical standards (although he hides them well).
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