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Biden Strikes Again. And Again.

mstorey Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 6:24 AM
You misunderstand the power of Joe! He is 3 card monty for Barrack....every time good ol' Joe comes up with another of his "gaffs", it's good for at least a week of the media-talking-heads yammering on about it. Like 3 card monty, watch the card, watch the card, pick the lady out and WIN! Whats not noticed while your watching Joe/Queen card is the slight if hand..what is the other hand doing? It gives BO a week of not having to explain his failures..a week closer to the election...a week more attack ads trying to portray Romney as the devil incarnate.

One Vice President, one speech, two gaffes.  First up is goofy, "Stand up, Chuck!" Joe:

Iran?  My favorite part is Reid raising his hand -- although, he may have been reacting to the one correct country Biden mentioned.  Next comes demagogic "back in chains" Joe.  New tone, etc:

“I don’t understand how they believe and they do believe Ryan has written a book called The Young Guns with two other members of the House, no these are Republican...

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