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The Unlikelihood of President Hillary

msteinberger Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 10:26 AM
We should care about this why? We're likely to get Michelle next. Regardless, we are not going to see any ideological diversity from the Democrats. Whomever they nominate will continue today's policies.
LAPhil Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 10:47 AM
We better not get Michelle. If that happens, this country will have resigned itself to the ash heap of history. When did this trend of spouses and family members of Presidents becoming anointed leaders start anyway?
Gary 56 Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 11:05 AM
I think that it got started with FDR's wife.
Bruce2397 Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 12:17 PM
I think it got started with one of the founding fathers, John Adams, our 2nd president, and his son John Quincy Adams, our 6th president.

Continued with the illustrious Bush spawn...
The votes have been cast, the count has been completed, and we all know the winner of the presidential election. So now it's just a matter of letting the Electoral College meet to make the outcome official. Then we can get along with planning the inauguration of Hillary Clinton.

True, it's still four years away. But by now it's clear that Republicans needn't bother putting up a nominee. They may as well save their money and candidates for 2024, when Hillary will be ready to leave Washington and become a judge on "The Voice."

The secretary of state is currently more popular than...