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Both atheists and psuedo-Christians have much guilt on their hands. True believers in Jesus believe him when he said: "My kingdom is no part of this world..." Those who justify war on the altar of Christ are delusional to the core; as are atheists who are too stupid or arrogant to see God's hand in all of creation.
If it were the first time he had omitted the line, it could be as you said "irrelevant." Deliberately omitting God from our vocabulary speaks to the heart, our seat of motivation. I respect a man that is humble enough to kneel to God, I have no respect for a demi-god.
Maybe the founding fathers were being politically correct and inclusive of those from other lands that were already in the colonies, like Muslims and Jews who called God by different names; but they all agreed that there was a Creator, a diety of power, wisdom, justice and love.
But his teleprompter is!
Spawned from nature??? How quaint. Who created the spawning instinct? Hint: He's smarter than you.
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