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Hey, Media, a $75K Mechanic Pays a Lower Tax Rate Than Romney

msnider Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 12:13 AM
Yeah but 4 years ago that person turning wrenches was making $120,000 a year. I know I am one. I wish I was making $75,000 a year right now. And even though I can't stand Obama most of the problem did come from Bush.
dersen Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 7:08 PM
You're right about RINO-GB-2, Comunist-BHO,

NWO-bankers are behind all our countries economic-social-disasters !

But Vote for Romney,

With M-R, Sens-Congrsmn-Govs,

Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Steve King, Ron Paul, Kris Kobach, Devin Nunez, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Mike Lee, Jan Brewer, Nikki Haley, Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin, Susanah Martinez,

more like them will have more US-Govt-influence, some will be chosen for M-R's Pres-Admin-Cabinet, running Fed Depts, Agencs, Prgrms !

With Romney you're not just getting-rid-of-anti-US-American-O'bama, replacing him with pro-US-American-M-R,

You're also getting rid of BHO's miserable Leftist-Liberal-Comunst-Marxst-filled, anti-US, Admin-Cabinet, Fedrl-Depts-Agencs, Chairs-Dirs, Policies-Prgrms !
dersen Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 7:19 PM
An Ind asks:

"Cons should endorse the best person, not who the RNC picked when they screwed over others who were also running.

What's the use of endorsing Obama lite ?

Unless you're in a position-have-enough-$$, that you don't need to worry about personal freedoms.

The NWO-Wall-St-Fed-Res-bankers, CFR, IMF, NATO, WTO, NAFTA, SPP, NAU, will gladly take either Romney or Obama,

So what's the difference, as an Ind-voter why should I vote for Obama-lite ?

Why not vote for a worthy candidate like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson ?"

I've some very good valid reasons why a vote for Romney and against-BHO is actually a vote for TP-Cons;

Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, S-King, R-Paul, M-Lee, K-Kobach, J-Brewer, CP, Tom Tancredo, Lbrtns, G-Johnson, J-Ventura !
william704 Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 12:36 PM
a vote for anyone other than romney, despite their worthiness, is a vote FOR THE LYING MUSLIM
If "journalism malpractice" were a crime, Nancy Grace would not be able to keep track of all the trials.

ABC news reporter Jonathan Karl recently said: "Mitt Romney ... made $13.7 million last year and paid nearly $2 million in taxes. His effective tax rate -- 14.1 percent. That's a lower rate than an auto mechanic who made $75,000 in pay."

Not again.

Back in January, anchor Diane Sawyer teased "Mitt's millions" on ABC's "World News": "What Mitt Romney's taxes really show about wealth, taxes and fairness." Then correspondent David Muir informed viewers: "(Romney's) tax rate? In 2010, about 13.9...