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Where Is The Inflation?

Msm859 Wrote: Sep 15, 2012 11:31 AM
The tax reform will have to raise more revenue from those who pay little or no taxes now. --- You mean like Romney? And you are also right that we should be upset that so many do not even make enough money to be in a taxable bracket. So how do you propose we help them make more money so that they do get into a taxable bracket? How about we start with raising the minimum wage. Maybe on a tiered system so that large companies like WalMart actually have to pay a living wage.
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Chevy Volt: Solyndra on Wheels

Msm859 Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 10:48 AM
How much is Townhall.com being paid by the oil companies? These hit pieces on the Volt our so patently false and misleading to boggle the mind. The Volt does NOT costs $90 k to build. GM is NOT losing ANY money on each Volt they are building. The Volt can go as far as any other car. A sample of 1600+ Volts have driven over 14 million miles 10 million on electric only, averaging 137 mpg. You want to have energy independence with your 12.5 mpg SUV? As Bill Clinton said do the ARITHMETIC! How can someone call themself a Patriot and be so rabid against an American company, building a car in America that can primarily run on 100% American made energy.
Actually No. Accounting 101 will tell you that NO one tries to calculate costs based on amortizing all of the R&D in units sold to date. See http://www.forbes.com/sites/boblutz/2012/09/10/the-real-story-on-gms-volt-costs/
Funny it used to be Republicans who were "conservatives" and were patriotic. Why any true American would want to bash an American company building a car in America that can primarily run on 100% American made energy is amazing. The hate of a black man in the Whitehouse is beyond equal. The Volt is anything but a kiddy car - it has one of the highest JD Powers satisfaction rates. To date owners have driven over 124 million miles in them - over 79 million on electricity. Just think where this country would be if everyone bought an American made car that could do the same. But you go ahead and waive your flag while wasting energy, sending money overseas to fund terrorists and bashing American companies and workers.
And then GM would have fallen further behind all of the other car manufactures because virtually all of them are bringing electric cars to market. Ford already has a full electric and will have 2 plug in hybrids out within the next 6 months.
What amazes me is that anyone actually believes it costs $90k to build a Volt
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