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How easy it is to con some of the American people, so Chris has arose to Saint Hood, so I guess that makes all those who worked for him and others "ALL" well should we say embodied by Alzheimer's.
Well Mr. Reed think about "Unemployment being a good thing." when you are voted OUT!
Say what??? 2014 please come fast, Oh, were here, got my pen ready, Let's have a Tea Party!!!!
How many Bucks did Reid get trashing the American people? What goes around comes around! and usually worse. Just say NO in 2014!
Ok, no one buys Insurance, all get tossed in prison, you get free everything including healthcare all at Taxpayer expense, what could be better? And the Icing on the Cake, the government goes bankrupt, no IRS, no NSA, and the list goes on, all thanks to our President and the know nothing and do nothing Parties, now that's change!
I can managed my retirement better, I don't like the Socialized system of retirement, it is a fraud mismanaged by misfits which have to be paid from the taxes paid in. Get the point? The bigger the program gets, the more has to be paid out or should I say taxed in. Granted, nothing is free, so why compel people to pay into a system that is self defeating and was robbed and I might add has to this day NEVER been paid back with interest. That money was not the Government's, it was the peoples, so much for Socialism and Communism. The sad thing is the ones who robbed the American people are still in power and what's more pathetic many misinformed Americans are going to vote them back, 1n 2014 /2016. So, to those who think you are getting a free ticket and ride, don't whine, you kept them in.
So what's the big deal, I didn't go to his funeral, I know the devil did, so what? He was a terrorist, and a Communist. When was the last time that you remember the devil eulogizing a saint at his death? Do you think any saint will eulogize the antichrist at his death at Armageddon? I think not. It is not how man sees man but how GOD sees him. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has more important things to do, just like you and I, let's just do them.
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Ryan Saves GOP from Itself

mslaney Wrote: Dec 14, 2013 12:00 PM
These are has-beens the DNP and the RNP are like fish grouping for air in a polluted tank. On an evolutionary scale they have exceeded their primordial ooze status and have become fossilized. It is time for a Renewed America, a Phoenix out of the ashes of putrefaction.
these people don't care, they think they are above the law, that's Communism for you!
Why do we propagate immorality, the business did what was morally right unfortunately the Judge does not understand Constitutional law or moral law. Time for this one to go fishing.
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