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People in Hell want ice water too, want to start a Revolutionary war? mess with the Constitution. I suggest, those who don't like it, leave, North Korea would love to have you!
Folks these people know to the "t" how far they can go before crossing the line and that is even disputable. Virtually all the corrupt leadership got there off the backs of the common person through thievery. Asking them to clean up their act, amounts to laughter in your face, "make me!" Only one way to rid the corruption in W.D.C. HOLD ALL ACCOUNTABLE, No holds, barred. It must start at the family level, if not pray GOD for mercy on those who want righteousness to reign, because the plug in the Dam is getting ready to be knocked out.
One more bitter pill, to remember in 2016!
George if you had any brains you would get out of Dodge NOW! Obe and the dark force is getting ready to fry you...Run George Run!
Oh really now! For starters, how about, "thou shall not Kill?"
Most Military personal are wise and intelligent enough to know who they can trust and their Commander -in-Chief is not one of them. With almost complete certainty, what he states and does " DO THE OPPOSITE." Our men and women know a skunk when they smell one, Oh, what more could be said, Hang in there fellows, Nero died in the end from self-inflection.
Gee, I can't understand why? She is a great liar and people like throwing shoes at her!
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VA Clerk Admits: We Were Cooking the Books

mslaney Wrote: May 10, 2014 12:43 PM
All cooks get burned, now go to the chef's who wear the white hats and throw the book at them.
You can't outlaw Stupidity, only Liberals!
The Hypocrisy of the P.C. clowns. However, there is a point here, the actions of men start at the thoughts of man. Amazingly, that was addressed approx. 2000 years ago with Jesus Christ, by the way, He will hold "ALL" men accountable for their thoughts and actions(deeds). All men have power to choose, but all men do not have power to choose righteously and that is only given at regeneration. Trying to do good out side of that power, just makes men frustrated, angry, and feel hopeless because they do what their father commands them to do. Until the thoughts change, it will be a miserable world, Jesus Christ really is the ANSWER !
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