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Robert Bork: More Influential Off the Court

Ms Kelly Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 10:26 PM
Any post attempting to pass for fact without a citation is a waste of space. Give us some quotes of Robert Bork’s to back up what you say. Otherwise, you have no more credibility than if you would say you have created a mechanism to make cows fly. I doubt you have ever read a single thing the man ever said or wrote. You are just repeating what you have read by the liberal pundits.
The last time I saw Bob Bork was the Sunday before Election Day. His familiar baritone was faint. You had to sit close to hear him, and he seemed to have a little difficulty following the conversation.

At one point, his son Bob directed his attention to an Obama ad that was running on the Internet. It warned darkly that if Romney was elected, he would nominate Robert Bork for the Supreme Court! Bob, who has inherited his father's wry sense of humor (as well as his intellect), played the ad on an iPad. Bob Sr. didn't react at...