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Gosnell is a serial killer hiding behind a medical license. He is scrum, trash, evil, and you want to DEFEND him!??
I disagree. I think this is a good idea. It is a small step, but one that has the potential to turn the tide. Think about the difference in public perception alone on flushing little Emily Rose down the toilet as opposed to discarding of a "fetus".
Giving the child a name would curb the most destructive maneuver of the Left, which is referring to the baby as a "fetus" in legal briefs, arguments etc. Nothing does more harm to the Right to Life issue than referring to the baby as a fetus, which immediately detaches the infant from person-hood and causes people to see the pre-born as a mere blob.
One thing abortion should have taught us, policies are changed one step at a time. Although I completely understand what you are saying, we can't change the entire abortion fiasco overnight. Give the Infants Born Alive act some real teeth, and then go to work on the rest of it.
Issues like this one are always dealt with at the state level. Lobbying each state for this type of law could be a great crusade for some people looking to make a big difference.
I don't see your idea as statist at all. It would be much harder to argue against the rights and person-hood of a pre-born child who has a name. This is a very small "fix" that just might grow into something substantial. It is usually the small beginnings that make the big difference in the end. Great idea, Mikeuhl!
I truly do hope Larry reads this article. I won't bet on it though. This article does a great job of taking Larry to the wood shed, and one thing that sends liberals into fits of rage is being challenged with facts. They just can't take it.
Right! Just because the government did not keep up their end of the deal and chose to steal from the SS fund, that is not our fault. WE DID OUR PART!
Obama is in love alright! Why shouldn't he be? Obama and Putin are both cut from the same communist fabric. Putin is everything Obama wants to be. The problem for the rest of us is every time Obama lays down for Putin to f - - k him, the rest of the United States gets screwed as well.
The individual mandate is not "dead". The fact that the delay is for after the 2016 election could not be clearer. Obama KNOWS Obamacare is driving many of his former supporters to the Republicans. He has even warned American Congressmen and Senators that they could be in for a very ugly fight come 2014. Obama knows he's in trouble and this is just a ploy to keep people in the dark about how really bad Obamacare will be once fully implemented. Once the election is over, it will be business as usual. Anyone who thinks Obama will repeal his own victory is a complete fool.
You are right. I am retired and receive Social Security. I do not consider that an entitlement. I am a conservative. I have always been a conservative. In my life, I have been both upper-middle class and poor as a church mouse. It never effected my politics. I know limited government and lower taxes are what is best for me, for my family and for the country REGARDLESS of any present economic condition.
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