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Took the words right out of my mouth. I have a new respect for that state!
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No Place To Hide

Ms Kelly Wrote: May 29, 2014 3:44 AM
The Tree of Liberty is badly withered. It is way past time for it to be watered. If it is not done soon, that tree will surely die.
This sounds a lot like sarcasm to me.
This is all good news, and if I had money to invest, I would be looking into U.S. oil companies. That being said, you can bet the political left will do all in its power to destroy these emerging markets. Obama is already trying since he doesn't want to see his Islamic friends in the middle-east lose their monopoly in the oil business, and he owes them BIG TIME. After all, they financed his rise to the presidency.
I'm happy for even this minor step. At least Hollywood is finally recognizing that sympathy to Islam is opposed to their own best interests.
I don't understand this author's use of George W. Bush as a reason why Hollywood is reluctant to criticize Islam. Since when did the Left listen to anything Bush had to say?
"Hollywood's reluctance to raise the question about Islam's treatment of women is also about money, or more specifically the use of Arab oil money to help finance movies." And there we have it. We should have known. Once again, the Bible proves to be eternal truth. "For the love of money is the root of ALL evil".
If only the ammunition were more than just words.
Great article until he got here: "Obama may have been a Constitutional Law professor back in the day, however, his actions as president reveal he knows very little about how to abide by the document." Another conservative writer claiming Obama is stupid or incompetent. You don't graduate from Harvard Law School (with honors) by being stupid or incompetent. This writer demonstrated courage by laying it all out about Obama's illegal acts. Why not continue the courage and speak the plain truth: Obama does not CARE about abiding by the Constitution. He commits illegal acts because he is a CRIMINAL! Why is it that after almost six years, very few journalists are willing to state that obvious but important fact?
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