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"Yee is a huge gun control proponent. Maybe he was just trying to get rid of the competition". This was said as a joke, but I think it is probably true. Remember how marijuana was criminalized to rid William Randolf Hearst of competition from hemp based paper? Look it up. Absolutely, one of the reasons for suppressing gun sales is to get rid of the competition and drive the price up even more.
People have got to lose their fear. If we cower every time we are threatened, we will certainly lose our freedom of religious expression. We must also be prepared to pay a price for our refusal to knuckle under to the anti-God police. Our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for freedom. Many of us today think if we have to pay anything at all (even just a little verbal ridicule) it is just too much. There may come a time when we have to put our necks down for Jesus Christ. We will never be able to do that if we're not willing to risk our jobs, our friends, our college grades, our money or a little jail time.
America is in decline because our leaders have turned their backs on our founding principles. In addition, they have stopped honoring our laws and our Constitution. When government leaders allow a sitting president to refuse to enforce laws that were legally passed by the legislature and then change laws by executive order to accommodate his own vision of America and allow all of this without a hint of protest, America becomes just another banana Republic.
An added thought to my post above. I will never buy another Chic-Fil-A sandwhich, and I suggest the rest of you who care about protecting genuine marriage do the same.
I just read that the CEO of Chic-Fil-A, Dan Cathy, is now saying his defense of traditional marriage was "a mistake". He has apparently reached out to Shane Windmeyer, gay activist and director of Campus Pride, a homosexual rights organization. The allegation is that Cathy was being hindered from putting his chicken restaurants on college campuses because of his defense of traditional marriage. He has now decided to appease the homosexual lobby in order to increase his bottom line. This is how Cathy repays all those people who sat in line at Chic-Fil-A waiting to buy chicken sandwiches to show their support for someone we thought was a hero for traditional morality. I would rather these cultural “heroes” keep their mouths shut and stay out of the spotlight if they are going to fold the minute the heat is on. They do more harm than good, and make all of us look like a bunch of cowards. When was the last time you saw a liberal apologizing for their stand on an issue?
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How Hobby Lobby Will Hurt Conservatives

Ms Kelly Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 5:38 AM
You must be a new Steve Chapman reader. Believe me, he is no conservative. I don't know why he appears on Town Hall. He is conservative the way Kathleen Parker (who voted for Obama) is conservative.
I always knew I hated that word "consensus". This must be why liberals are always talking about a "consensus" on global warming or this or that. Next they will be trying to pass Consensus laws the way they passed Hate Crime laws.
This is why it should be a law. We certainly have laws on the books that are much more intrusive than this would be.
They're only at a clinic for as long as it takes to down the pill. Then they go home by themselves, often without anyone else at their residence knowing what they have done. If they begin to hemorrhage or pass out, who will be able to tell an emergency responder or a hospital what they have done?
Why not just dispense the pills from a vending machine the way they use to do with cigarettes? It would be just about as safe.
Gosnell is a serial killer hiding behind a medical license. He is scrum, trash, evil, and you want to DEFEND him!??
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