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Academic Liberalism Replaced with Leftism

msilvey Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 3:10 PM
Well said! I can attest, from personal experience, this starts as early as the 1st grade, when 4 years ago, my son came home proudly proclaiming to his shocked mother and I, "Yay! Obama won the election!".

The Twitter exchange between my son and me captures the frustration of college students (and parents) all across America:

Jimmy: “Teacher just suggested that we read The People’s History of America. Who doesn’t love biased liberal opinions to start the mornin #shootme”

Me: “Howard Zinn!? Awesome! Your indoctrination has begun. #soproud #occupyyourliberalcollegeeducation”

From the elite, Northeastern liberal arts college our eldest daughter attended, to the sprawling Southern state university where our son recently began his studies, academic “liberalism,” the quest for an expansive and enlightening education, has been soundly replaced with raw, unvarnished leftism.

The school year has just begun,...