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Free Speech, Hidden Cameras Don't Mix

MSheps2 Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 2:56 PM
OK, you were making a fairly good argument about not having academia controlled by a fear of someone secretly taping your lecture but you fell off the edge with your comments about how O'Keefe "ridicule[d] ACORN by tricking low-level staffers into saying stupid things." Aiding and abetting someone to commit multiple felonies is now equivalent to "saying stupid things"?
USC lecturer Darry Sragow dismissed California Republicans as "really stupid," "racist" and "angry old white people" before his political science class last fall. Those remarks wouldn't be news -- except that student Tyler Talgo secretly videotaped Sragow, and the bias-watchdog group Campus Reform posted 15 minutes of excerpts from the 2 1/2-hour class, which the Drudge Report picked up. That turned Sragow into a chew toy for cable news pundits.

As a Republican, I found his remarks offensive and inaccurate. Angry, old and white -- those words apply to Sragow, too. I've known him for years as a Democratic operative, an attorney...

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