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Congress Not Standing Ground on 2nd Amendment

mschutter Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 9:31 PM
Yes I do remember and will not forget. And who was the president at the time? If you forgot it was George W. Bush a f..king Nazi! After 911 G W Bush did more to destroy the constitution than I care to have. Obama is no better with protecting our rights. Both parties suck when it comes to the constitution! IT IS TIME FOR AMERICA TO WAKE THE HELL UP AND VOTE THIRD PARTY! Garry Johnson the Libertarian candidate will be on ALL 50 ballots in November and he will honor the whole constitution not just parts of it! Look at how many pro gun democrats and republicans voted for NDAA and Patriot act sun set bill this year. The only reason these bums are pro gun is because the NRA and GOA pays a lot of money to their campaigns!

Are gun voters being taken for granted? Republicans control the House and self-styled pro-gun Democrats abound in the Senate. So why has neither chamber addressed any of the major gun rights issues awaiting resolution?

Numerous bills to restore and preserve Second Amendment rights to Americans have been filed, yet not one has been slated for a vote this year. John Velleco of Gun Owners of America (GOA) tells Townhall, “Every election year, the members of Congress come to pro-gun voters asking to be re-elected, yet we don’t have any pro-gun votes scheduled to come to the House and Senate floor.”...