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Reminder: How Mexico Treats "Undesirable" Foreigners

mschneiter Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 4:14 PM
Comparing today's illegal immigrants to the immigrants of yesteryear is a flawed analogy. First, up until recently there was no welfare, no free schooling, no medicare, no food stamps. The people who came to America before then came to work or to starve, there were no "welfare queens". Secondly, previous waves of immigrants were made up of people who came from many different places, many different cultures and spoke many different languages. This forced them to assimilate into the common culture. The immigration from Mexico/Central America is totally different, they all come from a common culture (Hispanic), speak a common language (Spanish) and come across a common 3000 mile long border. They have no reason to assimilate.
American politicians in both parties are stampeding all over themselves to pander to Mexico and adopt mass illegal alien amnesty schemes. But while the Mexican government lobbies for more "humane" treatment of illegal border crossers from their country into ours, Mexico remains notoriously restrictionist toward "undesirable" foreigners who break their laws or threaten their security.

Despite widely touted immigration "reforms" adopted in 2011, Mexico still puts Mexico first -- as any country that is serious about protecting its sovereignty should and would.

Article 33 of Mexico's constitution establishes the right of the president to detain and deport "any foreigner" and prohibits foreigners from...