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The reason the Dems oppose amendments to the bill is because they don't care whether it passes or not, either way they get something they want. If it passes they get millions of new Democrat voters overnight. If it doesn't pass they can use it to stir-up pro-amnesty voters in 2014.
Anyone with common-sense knows that the GOP's best strategy to achieve success is to increase their appeal among working-class and lower-middle-class white people, but they will never do it because that would mean abandoning the values of "political correctness" that place the interests of minorities above all others.
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No Tears for Lynne Stewart

mschneiter Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 2:37 PM
It is called poetic justice for all of the unknown innocents who suffered death because of her actions.
Comparing today's illegal immigrants to the immigrants of yesteryear is a flawed analogy. First, up until recently there was no welfare, no free schooling, no medicare, no food stamps. The people who came to America before then came to work or to starve, there were no "welfare queens". Secondly, previous waves of immigrants were made up of people who came from many different places, many different cultures and spoke many different languages. This forced them to assimilate into the common culture. The immigration from Mexico/Central America is totally different, they all come from a common culture (Hispanic), speak a common language (Spanish) and come across a common 3000 mile long border. They have no reason to assimilate.
I oppose it because history has proven that if you give the government an inch it will take a mile. If you think we have problems with the government refusing to enforce immigration law now just wait until they aren't enforcing even more lenient laws.
Why should any sane country "strive" to allow their nation to be flooded with foreigners? It is national suicide.
If the GOP pushes through ANY type of Amnesty I will never Vote for another Republican again.
The problem with this law and the other one in NY is that they are simply unenforceable. BTW, there are THOUSANDS of similar unenforceable laws on the books all over the country that the cops just ignore. For example, in many places it is technically illegal for unmarried couples to co-habitate, when do you think the last time that law was enforced?
This won't work. First, the Dems and Obama will get the credit, they own the MSM and they own the spanish media outlets, they will not allow the GOP to look good. Secondly, the moment these people have the legal authorization to be in this country the lawyers will start lining up to file lawsuits against ANY restriction placed upon them. So the law says they can't collect welfare? Do you think the courts are going to agree with that when the case ends up in front of them? So the law says that criminals aren't eligible for legal status? The courts will see to it that such restrictions are "unconstitutional". Lastly, if the government is actively refusing to enforce current law, why would they start enforcing new laws?
Exactly, plus it will create a demand for another wave of illegals to come in and take their places. So basically we will be creating another massive new class of unemployable, slum-dwelling welfare addicts and then inviting even more illegal immigrants to come in and continue to take jobs. Any Republican who supports this plan is not thinking rationally.
Why? What fundamental difference would separate Romney from Obama? Guaranteed war with Iran?
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