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Colorado Sheriffs Sue Over New Gun Control Laws

mschneiter Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 2:27 PM
The problem with this law and the other one in NY is that they are simply unenforceable. BTW, there are THOUSANDS of similar unenforceable laws on the books all over the country that the cops just ignore. For example, in many places it is technically illegal for unmarried couples to co-habitate, when do you think the last time that law was enforced?

Yesterday Democratic Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed sweeping new gun control legislation into law prohibiting ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 15 rounds and criminalizing the transfer of private firearms. Before Hickenlooper's signing, Colorado's Weld County Sheriff John Cooke explained that the new law is pretty much unenforceable and confusing:

Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said he won’t enforce either gun-control measure waiting to be signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper, saying the laws are “unenforceable” and would “give a false sense of security.”

Cooke said Democratic lawmakers are uninformed but...