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Heh: Obama Gets Booed at Own Fundraiser

msa220 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 12:04 AM
Romney is greate lier and filp-flopper, who will do whatever to get elected whom I cannot trust and vote for. Still Voting For 'Mitt Romney'? last debate shows clearly that Romney is out of touch and not ready for prime time and especially for 3 AM call. he and his VP have zero foreign policy credentials and want to restore Bush era again.
StevenRWilson72 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 2:26 PM
Please tell me how I can collect cash money to shill for Obama, that sounds like a nice gig. Especially since Obama has plenty of money from nations around the world he illegally raised by his open-to-all internet credit card donation scheme. He probably has money from his pals in Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba all who endorsed him! I bet there's some Al-Qeada money going towards Obama, too.

So there has to be plenty of money to do what you do. I could even do a better job since I can type in complete sentences and I don't have to copy-paste to make the same point on 20 different threads, I can actually type out 20 different posts.
anonymous1662 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 8:07 AM
obama and biden have been there for 4 years, and they're STILL not ready to lead a nation unless it is maybe Rwanda..................

At a fundraiser Monday night in Boston, Massachusetts, President Obama was booed by supporters when he jokingly thanked the Fenway Faithful for trading third baseman and World Series champion Kevin Youkulis to the Chicago White Sox. Yikes, Mr. President.

On a more serious note, though, does it surprise you to learn President Obama will appear at four...