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New RNC Ad Rips Obama's 'It Worked' Self-Assessment

mrz80 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 4:25 PM
If the President says his plan worked, then maybe the question to be asking is, "What were your REAL goals this last three and a half years?" By saying his plan worked, it looks to this observer as though the President set out deliberately to undermine the economy and force more Americans than ever onto the dole, while at the same time implicitly inviting a slew of illegals in, ALSO to go on the dole. After which, of course, they'll *ALL* have to keep voting for status quo big-and-growing-government candidates who will maintain and enlarge their "entitlements" (which are, of course, the pay check for keeping the current power structure in there). Congratulations, then, on your success, Mister President.

When President Obama uttered his "it worked" appraisal in California a few weeks back, I argued that Republicans should pounce.  The ads, it seemed, would write themselves.  The RNC shoots and scores with a new spot, scheduled to air in swing states:

They chose to go with the number of unemployed Americans and the disturbing spike in food stamp usage.  They could have used the dreadful growth numbers, or dropping median household incomes, or the accelerating costs of healthcare, or exploding poverty, or...  In...