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Tourette's Nation -- Now *there's* a song title for ya :)
I thought that the Justices stated in the majority opinion ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby that this ruling was to be narrowly applied to this specific case, and that other coverages may not be "opted out" by employers for religious reasons.
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Sex Change Regret

mrz80 Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 11:29 AM
The medical technology and surgical expertise involved are amazing. The moral vacuum in which such procedures are contemplated and carried out is apalling. The long term damage done to the individuals involved, we are finding, is reprehensible.
Wasn't it reported from various sources that the chemical weapons that started cropping up in various atrocities by various sides in the bloodsoaked quagmire that Syria has become were "liberated" from the stocks that were smuggled out of Iraq before Dubya's invasion?
Let the gangbangers have M1s. It'll make 'em easier to spot (and less dangerous) 'cause they'll all have broken thumbs*! :) *"M1-thumb" is a condition where you tend to get a broken or cut-up thumb from not knowing to hold onto the slide handle when you stuff a new clip into the magazine - when the clip bottoms, the slide releases, catching your thumb as it slams forward to chamber the first round
Rubio faces the same potential for cries of "ineligible!" from the left as Obama faced from the right. His parents were naturalized after he was born, so is he a "natural born citizen" as the Constitution requires? I would hope Sen. Rubio is smart enough to figure out what that would do to his party's credibility if he were to assert himself as a candidate.
Wait, the Supremes did something *right* for a change? I am staggered by the improbability of it! :)
Democrats want you to be free of the responisbilities and consequences of your moral decisions while hemming in your economic freedom. Republicans want you to be free of the responsibilites and consequences of your economic decisions while hemming in your moral freedom. Thus, each wing of the Janus Party of Government for Its Own Sake™ gets to posture about being "all for [x] freedom" while secure in the knowledge that the other side of the aisle is diligently seeking control over that sphere. Thus, taken in toto, the entire government is a vast cooperative effort to enhance its own power and control. The Republicrats exert every effort to maintain and expand their grip on every facet of American life ("Totalitarians? Who us? Nah, we just want to run everything!") while working assiduously to exclude anyone like the Libertarians and Constitutionalists and various independents who actually want to return the power to the average schmoe in the street and let them make their own choices and by and large let them live with the consequences of those choices.
And just how many people in New York own a shoulder fired selctive fire weapon designed to fire a rifle cartridge? Sheesh. http://www.afn.org/~scotsman/writings/assault.rifles.html
Today's history lesson: Tea Pot Dome
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