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Democrats want you to be free of the responisbilities and consequences of your moral decisions while hemming in your economic freedom. Republicans want you to be free of the responsibilites and consequences of your economic decisions while hemming in your moral freedom. Thus, each wing of the Janus Party of Government for Its Own Sake™ gets to posture about being "all for [x] freedom" while secure in the knowledge that the other side of the aisle is diligently seeking control over that sphere. Thus, taken in toto, the entire government is a vast cooperative effort to enhance its own power and control. The Republicrats exert every effort to maintain and expand their grip on every facet of American life ("Totalitarians? Who us? Nah, we just want to run everything!") while working assiduously to exclude anyone like the Libertarians and Constitutionalists and various independents who actually want to return the power to the average schmoe in the street and let them make their own choices and by and large let them live with the consequences of those choices.
And just how many people in New York own a shoulder fired selctive fire weapon designed to fire a rifle cartridge? Sheesh. http://www.afn.org/~scotsman/writings/assault.rifles.html
Today's history lesson: Tea Pot Dome
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How Foreign Is Our Policy?: Part II

mrz80 Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 5:59 PM
The Japanese, not being corporately stupid, may well not have given up all the fissionables? Perhaps, being just perspecacious enough to envision a troubled future vis-a-vis their brobdingnagian neighbor to the west, they may still have some weapons-grade heavy metals squirreled away about the place? One would certainly hope to find that sort of wisdom in the government of the only nation ever to be on the receiving end of a nuclear strike.
See, that's why sites like this need people called "editors". :|
So, does this mean that Boehner isn't really a Republican, or that the national Republican Party is actually just the backside of the Democratic Party?
CVS could make up the pinprick drop in its revenue in a heartbeat. They just need to start selling ammo. :)
I wonder how many juicy subsidies, tax credits, transfer payments, etc., etc., to tobacco firms are embedded in that weighty tome our Congresscritters have dubbed an "agriculture bill" this time around?
Relative to what the article above says is their annual revenue - something around $123B - yeah, a bil and a half *is* insignificant.
Here's how you decode it: you say whatever advances Islam. Iran faced down the civilized world and the civilized world blinked. Being up-front about that is a huge gain of face in the diplomatic world. Islam advances. Iran is telling the truth. Flip side; the Obama Administration can't admit taking the sack without first checking to see if the pig's in it. It comes out that the Administration lied about the deal and US veracity, integrity and reputation suffer. Islam advances. The President, who does seem intent upon advancing the pedophile Bedouin bandit chieftain's legacy, is lying. I dunno, it made sense when I thought it up. I'm just too tired to write it out coherently. G'night everyone. :)
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