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The Newest Liberal Criminal Assault: The Right to Self Defense

mrstuer Wrote: Nov 12, 2013 7:56 PM
**The case in Texas actually happened in the DALLAS suburb of Mesquite.** As a FORMER liberal idiot... I cannot believe the FECES that I used to be a part of and spoke for!! PLEASE FOREGIVE ME!!! But as a gun owner, if a liberal will more than likely be singing a different tune if it was their house getting broken into or their daughter getting attacked. But these are the type of people that would more likely let their child get attacked and call it "A bad choice on their part..." or they will more than likely the burglars take what ever they want and say "Don't pawn my stuff for drugs." But I would be consider a criminal for defending my family and my home!? Well, ALL those Pro Choice liberals that are for Abortions are committing a slow massive GENOCIDE! The majority of abortion doctors/clinics are located in minority (black neighborhoods). These abortionist are criminals and they do not realize it! Just like the NAZI's who committed MASS GENOCIDE... The abortionist are just doing it slowly and call it "A Woman's Right." That's my opinion. Be bless, James