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I normally agree with Ann, but this one is over the top. If you were a person who wanted to shelter animals by letting them in your house (no real border securtiy) and at a point in time found out that you had hundreds of cats (or dogs) living with you in squalor because you had little space and/or money to properly take care of them. What would you do when the police arrived at the door to inspect your property? We let them in by failed policies, let them raise families by providing financial assistance and now we want to clean them out and send them to ....??? We allowed them to come here and now it is time to pay the piper to deal with our failed control.
The point that many conservative pundits miss on the black community and their support for the liberal policies of Obama and the Democrats is that their life would be noticable worse without all the government support in the form of food stamps, housing and other assistance programs. Since our communist media continues to provide misleading and false information to this group that the conservatives want to implement change immediately and not over time with a gradual transistion from dependency to independency, it is no wonder the majority would vote for someone who won't "rock the boat". As I continue to maintain, our most pressing problem in America is the communist media that hides the truth and propagates misleading information.
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This Great America

Mr Shorty Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 11:05 AM
I was born in the early 1940's and considered part of the "baby boomers". After reading your article twice, I draw the conclusion that you believe my generation has caused all the problems we face today. Perhaps I am in the minority, but I feel exactly the opposite. I believe my generation is the one trying to put our Country back on track. If you look at the age profile of the Tea Party, I believe it will show a significant portion to be over 60 years of age (which is your category). What our generation has failed to do is organize and combat the PC which our government inflicts upon us. We now recognize that shortcoming and are coming out of our easy chairs and making our voices heard.
I just love to witness the hyprocracy of our various governments. While one entity tries to ban the plastic bag, others demand that you put your trash in one before the city will pick it up at the curb. Just another illustration of how our "overreach" governments have gone amuck.
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