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Rick I will not ever again respond to anything you say as you deliberately lie about what other people say. I despise liars like you. So buzz off, little boy, and never address another post to me again, you lying Commie POS.
You're a typical communist liar, Rick.
Yeah, that's cool but you same folks want us to do pennanace for eternity for Hiroshima and slavery, right?
But I ain't black.
Are you telling us that Lincoln and Sherman had absolutely no control over those truly terrible and horrific events in Georgia at that time? You should apply for Obama's press secretary's job. Maybe even Der Fuhrer's propaganda minister.
No wonder the overpaid and under worked commie school teachers love the little monkey. He was, in my mind, the most damaging president we ever had, and Obama is running a close second.
This little Rick AH thinks I should repeat the history of the Civil War and Lincoln's deliberate intention of expanding the role of federal government in our lives a thousand fold. Do your own research and reading, Twinky. I know my American history better than 99.9% of Americans, especially the Civil War era. Lincoln and the north started that war, and it was over states rights, not slavery. Lincoln also had his generals deliberately torch and burn entire states, killing innocent men women and children. Georgia especially was singled out for special attention by General Sherman with untold thousands of civilians killed or left entirely homeless and without food. They burned every farm in sight.
Drop dead again.
Where the fu*k have we heard that one before!
Triple amen. The BC is as phony as a 23 dollar blll.
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