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Obama Hypocrisy Index Picks up Steam

MrPaul Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 8:20 AM
We need a way to educate the blissfully ignorant. Is there a way to teach basic economics by way of a sitcom?
FletchforFreedom Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 9:34 AM
Learning economics requires reading comprehension. That's why dimwits who claim that the last 50 years prove higher taxes aren't harmful or Dems do a better job creating jobs or proectionism works will never get it.
Scrap Iron in Texas Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 8:42 AM
It was called Family Ties with Michael J. Fox
DRUMSnAZ Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 9:26 AM
I used to watch it, Scrap. And seem to remember his character portraying a young, naive, wet behind the ears, president of the young Republicans Club, with the cool, liberal parents.
Bernard83 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 8:30 AM
Dan107 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 8:48 AM
Bernie, even if we use actors who are complete train wrecks as human beings? Starring Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and the cast of Jersey Shore?
Bernard83 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 9:21 AM
I doubt you could get those (actors) to participate and if you did everyone would believe the show was a ruse.

What a difference a few month makes.

Last month we were told by a fawning news media how great things were. The economy was a little engine that could.  And the declining unemployment rate was touted in headlines as significant progress toward economic recovery.

Unemployment rate falls to 7.8% in September, reported the Washington Post- a four-year low...”nearly”… whatever “nearly” means.

“The nation’s jobless rate dropped to its lowest point in nearly four years in September. And unlike some recent declines, this one happened for the right reason: not because people gave up looking for a job, but...

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