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Making Sense

MrPaul Wrote: 4 hours ago (9:36 AM)
I wonder if the NFL has considered telling NOW to mind their own d*** business. It is past time for those targeted by NOW, the race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson, and others to get some backbone and stand up to these jerks.
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Paul Greenberg: Barack Hussein Obama

MrPaul Wrote: 5 hours ago (9:07 AM)
To dismiss the shadow that Obama has cast over this country by saying he is simply a golfer is as foolish as anything Joe Biden has ever said. He is a liar, a racist, and an economic fool. He is anti-American having said as much by stating he would fundamentally transform America in his first inauguration. Excusing his mistakes and misdeeds by referring to him as a golfer makes as much sense as (assuming he has ever shinned his own shoes) as saying he is simply a shoe shine boy.
Come on Maury, you've read TH long enough to recognize LD's sarcasm.
typo --- as, not and
Twice as many welfare sing ups and new jobs? Sounds like a great victory for bigger government.
"Instead, he would have released them with a note pinned to their chests reading: "Stay out of here; this is none of your business." If only the terrorists had done that, the president seemed to be saying, I wouldn't be stuck with this mess." I believe Obama's message conveyed far more than just a complaint. He seems to be telling ISIS that if they don't force his hand he can still back out of this conflict and let them have their way.
I applaud you for not divulging the name of the victim, but why not turn the tables on the idiots who want to know who she is by telling the whole world who they are?
Slow news day Christine? Too bad there is not a war somewhere or the President lying about something for you to write about.
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Max De Pree has the answer to Ferguson

MrPaul Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 11:33 AM
What if people didn't have babies until they were prepared to give them a good home, raise them as part of a two parent family, teach them values and encourage them to get a good education? Might help, huh? But how do you make that happen? Pay them for having babies like we do now? Nope, that doesn't work. Then how about paying them for not having babies? Offer young women in these troubled communities a program that would give them a monthly stipend if the would regularly showed up for birth control shots. Make continuation in the program contingent upon learning a skill that they could use to support themselves. Offer an additional reward for staying in the program until they are at least twenty-five. (Thirty would be even better) With a sense of pride that comes from self-reliance, chances are any children these women would eventually have would not be a burden to the community nor feed stock for street gangs. The cost of this kind of program would be far less than supporting them and their numerous off-spring for most of their lives.
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Don't Count On An Election-Day Tsunami

MrPaul Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 8:21 AM
Presidential term limits make less sense than Congressional term limits. Now don't get me wrong, I am favor of Presidential term limits, but at least everyone gets to vote for their choice for the office. The same is not true about the Senate Majority Leader or the Speaker of the House. These positions wield considerably more power than the average Senator or Representative, power that affects every voter, yet not every voter can affect them. Congressional term limits would force a turnover in these offices and prevent then from being dominated by Congressional dinosaurs.
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