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Not in a democracy you Useful Idiot.
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Gruber Flap Reopens Not-So-Old Wounds

MrPaul Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 11:15 AM
Having controversies follow in quick succession as has been standard operating procedure for the Obama administration anesthetizes the impact of previous controversies and dims the public's memory of them before they are fully vetted. It might be clever politics, but it's a disgraceful way to run the government.
What if the Downing Street Memo did prove that Bush lied about Iraq? Would that provide justification for Obama lying about Obamacare? That notion is preposterous.
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Playing with Constitutional Fire

MrPaul Wrote: Nov 20, 2014 7:32 AM
What is there to implement if all Obama wants is to do nothing? How much does it cost to not deport someone? OK, so he couldn't pass out green cards or whatever, but that might make the situation worse. Every illegal could then claim he is due a green card, but he just hasn't received it yet. Thus, no deportations for the next two years.
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Obama vs. Us

MrPaul Wrote: Nov 20, 2014 6:48 AM
As with Obama, we must consider our Congressional leaders intentions before we judge them. If we assume their first priority is to protect the Constitution and if they fail we might think of them as timid or incompetent. But if their first priority is to protect their own positions in Congress regardless of any collateral damage to the Constitution they are neither timid or incompetent, they are simply unpatriotic and need to be replaced.
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The Ferguson Days of Rage

MrPaul Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 2:27 PM
I doubt many residents of Ferguson, MO look at Officer Wilson as the regular guy that he is. A guy who went to work every day to make a living for his family. A guy who probably hoped he would never have to shoot anyone, black or white. A guy who was willing to work at his own peril in their dangerous neighborhoods in order TO KEEP THEM SAFE. No, instead they look at Officer Wilson's contribution to their safety the same way they look at all of the welfare that has been sent their way; as something that society owes them. I am embarrassed to think of them as fellow Americans. They should hang their heads in shame.
Give them some small credit Earle. They did at least adhere to the old saying, "Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself." That advantage won't be there in 2016. Between now and then Republican leaders better show a little genius.
Just a reminder Carlos, Barrack Obama in the President. It is he who has been the obstacle to closing our southern border along with Harry Reid. For the last six years McConnell and Boehner have been powerless to do anything about it and Reince (nor Rinse) Priebus never has been since he is not an elected official.
Sorry Kent, but that guy you see in your mirror is not a Republican leader.
Yes, Obama certainly owns a share of blame for duping the public, but those he has duped have long believed what the Dems have told them, that they are victims of one thing or another. Obama has simply and quite artfully continued the narrative.
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